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James Corden Danced in the Middle of the Street in a Mouse Costume and the Internet has A Lot to Say About it


James Corden is known for putting on extravagant shows with his guests in the middle of busy LA streets when there is a red light. This is a famous bit of his, but his latest segment of “Crosswalk The Musical” was not it for the internet.

James Corden dressed up as a mouse while his other guests on The Late Late Show, Camila Cabello, Idina Menzel, and Billy Porter dressed up as their characters from their new upcoming movie, Cinderella.

Clearly, the stars were there to promote their new movie and James Corden thought that stopping traffic dressed as characters from the movie and singing and dancing would be a great way to do so. Unfortunately, this performance of “Crosswalk the Musical” was not a fan favorite.

It was actually quite the opposite of a fan favorite. Once a video of the group performing in the LA crosswalk went viral, the internet exploded with opinions on the performance and they were not positive ones.

Maybe it was James Corden hip-thrusting in the mouse costume that sent people over the edge, but the internet collectively agreed that they did NOT enjoy what was going on in the viral video.

The video of the group dancing and singing for cars on the road immediately blew up on Twitter. The video was taken from the perspective of a driver who was stopped in this flash mob. In the video, you can see James Corden approach the drivers side window of the person that was recording and suddenly hip thrust to J-Lo’s song, “Let’s Get Loud” playing in the background.

After doing so, Corden quickly scurried away to continue his performance elsewhere and then he is swiftly replaced on the drivers side with Camila Cabello who can be seen screeching the lyrics to the song in a big puffy pink dress. 

While the segment was meant to be light-hearted and funny, many Twitter users found it nightmarish and ultimately annoying. Most of them thanked their lucky stars that they weren’t one of the drivers caught in the middle of this extravaganza. 

One user tweeted,”Imagine having to explain to your boss that you’re going to be late to work because James Corden dressed in a rat suit was thrusting at cars in the middle of traffic?????”

Many of the other Tweets that followed about this clip were all in the same context, explaining their disapproval of the video and how it is just too much for an average commuter to get caught up in. Surely, not everyone out there hated James Cordens’ bit, but it did not go over well on Twitter.

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