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Emma Stone Reveals How She Actually Broke Her Shoulder


Emma Stone recently appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show where she was asked about breaking her shoulder back in 2019, right before she was set to film Cruella

The star was rumored to have broken her shoulder at a Spice Girls concert in London. However, Stone had to explain the story because that is not how it happened. Stone revealed that she in fact did not break her shoulder at a Spice Girls concert, but she broke it the night before at a house party. 

Emma Stone is known for being an insanely huge Spice Girls fan. So, when the Spice Girls had a concert in London back in the summer of 2019, Stone was naturally inclined to go. Perhaps fans assumed since she is such a big fan, she got too excited at the concert and broke her shoulder there? Actually though, that is not how it happened and Stone had to clear the air.

Emma Stone was puzzled where that made up story came from. When questioned about it by Ellen, Stone said this, “But for some reason, the story became that I broke my shoulder at the Spice Girls concert — that I was on somebody’s shoulders and fell and broke my own shoulder — and it’s not true!”

Emma Stone continued to explain what really happened. It was actually the night before the concert that the incident went down. She was attending a house party in London. While at this house party, she unfortunately slipped on a wax floor and landed on her arm the wrong way. 

Her fall did not stop her from seeing her idols, The Spice Girls. The next night, Stone attended the girls group concert in London wearing a cuff on her arm. She had no plans on missing out on this concert. 

She went back to the doctor the next day after the concert and found out that her shoulder was in fact broken. Stone had broken her shoulder in two separate places from her awkward fall. Clearly, Stone would fight through any pain to see the Spice Girls. 

So there she did it, after years of speculation of what really happened to Emma Sones shoulder, she has cleared the air once and for all. She put the rumors that she fell off someone’s shoulders at the concert to bed and admitted that she simply just fell on her own.

This happened in June of 2019 and her new movie, Cruella, was set to start filming in July/August of 2019. However, due to the star of the movie being out of commission, the movie’s filming had to be set back 6 weeks so Stone could heal. 

Not to worry though, the movie finally hit theaters this weekend after being highly anticipated and Emma Stone is not seen wearing a cast as she plays villain, Cruella. 

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