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Cardi B Reveals Baby Bump at BET Awards


On Sunday night at the BET awards, Cardi B revealed that she was pregnant by showing off her baby bump while performing with her husband, Offset.

Offset, a member of the famous hip hop trio, Migos, was performing a new song off of the rap groups album Culture III with the rest of the guys, when Cardi B came out to join them on stage. However, her appearance on stage was even more of a surprise to everyone watching when she came out in fashion that clearly revealed her baby bump.

Cardi didn’t say anything and went on performing as she would usually, but it was not hard for fans to catch on. In fact, most caught on immediately, noticing her baby bump the second she walked on stage.

The baby bump was not hard to miss and it appeared her outfit was designed to in fact show it off even more, so clearly this was her way of announcing baby number two with her husband Offset. Cardi was wearing a blinged out, Dolce & Gabbana one piece, with sheer fabric around her baby bump to make it even more noticeable and clear.

For fans who may not have been able to catch the BET awards last night, Cardi B made an official announcement of her pregnancy shortly after on her Instagram. She posted an elegant side profile photo of herself covered in white paint, holding her stomach. She captioned the Instagram photo “#2!” and then tagged Offset.

Her caption meaning that baby number two is on the way. The couple had their first daughter, Kulture, back in 2018. Now, they are ready to bring a second child into the world and grow their family.
Cardi B announcing her pregnancy on live television was definitely a surprise for fans last night, but this is actually not the first time she revealed she was pregnant this way. Back in 2018 when she was pregnant with her daughter Kulture, she appeared on Saturday Night Live showing off her baby bump for the first time there as well.

Cardi B sure knows how to make an announcement. Despite the fact that she decides to reveal her pregnancy during live performances, she is always known to still give 110% in that performance. Fans even commented last night that Cardi was going harder in her performance with Migos than any of the other guys on the stage.

Cardi B is known for her energy and fans never know what to expect next with her; she keeps them on their toes in the best way possible. Her recent baby announcement was just one of the many surprises she has had and she definitely does it in her own Cardi B fashion. Congratulations Cardi and Offset!


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