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Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Hit the Red Carpet for Free Guy Premier


It’s been a while since we have seen a Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds red carpet appearance. However, the couple made their return for Reynolds movie premier of Free Guy and they definitely have not lost their style that we all know and love.

Blake and Ryan took to the red carpet Monday night for the first time since the Coronavirus pandemic put a halt on basically any live events. Now, as events are slowly coming back, we are getting back some of our favorite moments from the stars.

Blake and Ryan are notoriously known for being both a striking couple AND a comedic duo. Yes, there’s more to this couple than their uncanny good looks. The two love to banter back and forth with each other on social media and give fans some good laughs. 

Although the couple has done a good job of making people laugh online amidst their live event appearance absence, it was definitely refreshing to see the couple take the red carpet with their classic good style. 

Blake wore a stunning, sparkly, light pink Rabal Gurung gown that had cutouts on the side. She accessorised with silver jewelry and had her hair pulled back in a ponytail braid. She was all smiles at the movie premier. 

Reynolds, also looking dapper himself, wore a beige Brunello Cucinelli suit with a black and white plaid shirt underneath. He also sported a nice paisley pocket square and brown suede shoes.

The two really dressed to impress for Reynolds’ new movie Free Guy. The movie is about a man who realizes that he is actually living his life as a video game character and the so-called video game that he lives in is about to go offline. He then makes it a mission to save himself and all of his fellow video game characters that he only knows as his friends and neighbors.

The couple definitely knows how to make a statement whether it be on social media or in person. While the couple’s jokes are always entertaining for fans online, it is a breath of fresh air to see the two back on the red carpet as it has been too long. 

The couple made their return and what a better place to make your first appearance back than at your own movie premier. Free Guy will be in theaters August 13th and we will get to see Ryan Reynolds back on the big screen again as well. 


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