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4 Tips For Beating Holiday Stress

The holidays can be a stressful time.

Between family members who are hard to communicate with, financial stress, and being in such close proximity to loved ones for at least the better part of a day (which, let’s be honest, isn’t always the easiest thing, to begin with), there’s no shortage of things to feel stressed out about during this otherwise jolly time of year. 

But here’s the good news. 

There are effective ways to manage and beat stress. You just have to know how to do it.

So in this post, you’re going to learn 4 tips that may help you to overcome the stress of the holidays, so that you can enjoy it to the maximum without letting frustration or anxiety rule the day.

1. Make Sure To Set Boundaries 

If you’re having a bunch of family members or friends over for a visit of any length of time, make sure to communicate some boundaries that’ll help you to relax a little bit.

For example, asking everyone to take their own plates to the sink when they’re done could save you a lot of energy and stress.

Sometimes, it doesn’t take much extra effort on everyone’s part to make a big difference for you.

However, if you never set the boundary and let them know how they can help, they’ll be much less likely to know how to help you. So don’t be afraid to speak up. 

2. Try Not To Sweat The Small Stuff 

Sometimes, the most stressful things that happen during the holidays are things that don’t really pertain to the holidays. 

For example:

If you have a family member with particularly outrageous political views, who tends to stress everyone out, it may be in your best interest to try really hard not to care about the things he’s saying. 

Just remind yourself:

“This is fine. These people are my friends, family, and loved ones. And even though they’re not perfect, I’m glad they’re here.”

This also speaks to gratitude

3. Practice Gratitude 

It may sound cliche, but it’s in your best interest to try to remember to be grateful for all the good things you’re experiencing during the holidays. 

You may not feel particularly happy about everything that’s going on. Obviously, if you’re feeling stressed, then there are probably some things that aren’t going according to plan. 

However, practicing gratitude as an intentional exercise can really go a long way toward helping you to focus on the good things that are happening.

And this can promote better feelings of happiness and holiday cheer. 

4. Don’t Forget To Help Yourself 

Sometimes, the best way to beat holiday stress is to simply set aside some time for you

Make sure not to neglect yourself. 

You may need to find some quiet time and chill out. You may need to take a break from the dishes and the housework.

You may need to take a walk and get some fresh air after cooking for a house full of people. 

Whatever it takes to help you serve yourself, it’s probably a good idea.

Don’t push yourself too hard if you’re already stressed out. 

In Conclusion

There you have it. 

4 tips for beating holiday stress. 

Now, armed with this knowledge, you can go into the holidays with confidence; knowing that while the stress may very well be real, it can also be overcome. 

You’ve got this.

Now get out there and make it happen.



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