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Jaguars Expected to Sign Tim Tebow as Tight End


The rumors that started flying around when Urban Meyer signed on as head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars appear to be true.  Multiple reports have stated that the Jags are close to bringing Tim Tebow back to the NFL as a tight end.  Tebow played quarterback for Meyer at the University of Florida, and the two have remained close friends ever since.

It has been nine years since Tebow played in an NFL regular season game with the 2012 New York Jets (  Many NFL scouts and former players have had mixed feelings regarding Tebow’s return.  However, here are three reasons why signing Tebow makes sense for the Jags.

Tebow Would Improve the Locker Room

The former Heisman Trophy winner is quite possibly the most charismatic collegiate player of all time.  One cannot underestimate the positive effect Tebow can have on locker room morale.  The NFL schedule is a grueling grind and Tebow could be a fabulous mentor to a lot of the young players on the Jaguars team.

After a woeful 1-15 season last year, Jacksonville is more than a little desperate for some positivity.  Tebow is the perfect guy to fill that void, plus the Jags will not have to spend a large amount of money on him.  Also, Tebow could be a good resource for new rookie QB Trevor Lawrence.

The Jags Fan Base Desperately Need Some Excitement

The NFL is more than a game. It is a business.  Part of being successful in that business is selling tickets.

Signing Tebow to the roster will help sell tickets!  

After suffering through three straight losing seasons, the Jaguars franchise is having a tough time selling tickets.  To put it simply, Tebow puts fans in the seats.  The former Gator legend grew up in the Jacksonville area, so more fans would show up to games if Tebow is on the Jags squad. 

The Jags Need Help at the Tight End Position

The best reason for the Jags to help Tebow resurrect his NFL career is that they are in dire need of a good tight end.  Jacksonville’s starting tight end, Chris Manhertz, is mainly used as a blocker.  Tebow is athletic enough to catch passes over the middle.

You probably didn’t know that Tebow actually started his high school football career as a tight end in Jacksonville at Trinity Christian Academy.  Sure, that has been a long time ago, but we have to remember that Tebow is only 33 years old.  Also, it’s not like Tebow has been sitting on the couch doing nothing for nine years in a row!

The 6-3, 245 pounder has stayed in peak physical condition by playing in the New York Mets minor league system for the past five years.  Tebow has ideal tight end size and has a chance to not only make the roster, but fight for some playing time as well.  Coach Meyer will give Tebow every opportunity to succeed with the Jags in 2021.   


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