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Trump Plans to Launch His Own Social Media Platform


He’s only been out of office for around two months, but Donald Trump is already planning on returning to social media, after being banned from Twitter on January 8th after the Capitol Riots. The idea of launching a social media platform for the Trump brand has been debated ever since he was censored across many different existing social media platforms. 

One way to overcome those platforms is to create one of your own and that is exactly what Donald Trump is planning to do, according to a close advisor. In the next few months, more information will likely be revealed regarding Trump’s prospective social media platform. 

It’s currently unclear if the platform will be a direct competitor to social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, or if it will focus on being more politically-themed towards his supporters specifically. Either way, a large portion of Trump supporters will likely swing to that platform in record numbers when it eventually goes live. It’s hard to imagine that very many anti-trumpers would sign up on the platform, but there will likely be some individuals that cannot resist. 

Trump is determined to redefine social media platforms and there’s a fairly good chance that his platform will become one of the most popular social media platforms in the entire world.  

With Trump facing suspensions on Twitter and Facebook, it’s very possible that he could use his new platform to spread campaign messages for the 2022 midterm elections, as well as the 2024 Presidential Election if he plans to run again. 

Building up his own social media platform could be an excellent way of building uncensored support before the next Presidential Election, and keep in mind, he already called himself the ‘2024 Presumptive Nominee’ for the Republican Party in a CPAC Speech that took place on February 28th.

This could be a calculated move that pays off in many different ways for Trump. First off, he could generate a ton of money from launching a new social media platform and there have been many rumors that the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly wounded the Trump brand. 

Generating revenue is something that almost comes naturally for Donald Trump, and there’s a good chance that he’ll be bringing in record amounts of money if he does eventually move forward with launching a social media platform. 

The second major potential benefit from this calculation is that Trump could become completely independent of alternative media sites like Twitter and Facebook. As the presumptive owner of the platform, Trump can do pretty much anything he wants on the platform without being falsely censored. This could be an extremely powerful tool for future elections, especially in 2024 if Trump plans on running again.

 It’s not clear exactly when more details may become available, but it seems as if this new social media brand that Trump is working on developing could only be a few months away. 


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