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Climate Change Remains In Focus As Biden Pledges To Cut Emissions By More Than 50% By The Year 2030


It’s been a major week to focus on climate change for the Biden administration, just days after representatives from both the United States and China met to agree on positive terms for handling climate change over the course of the next several years.

Biden made a significant announcement at the virtual climate summit, announcing an optimistic plan of cutting emissions by more than 50% in the next ten years before reaching the end of 2030. 

Even though Biden has made this announcement, there’s no clear plan that has been expressed by his administration on how to reduce emissions by such a significant margin in less than a decade. Several climate-related meetings continue to take place regularly as climate change remains as one of the most significant political issues across the globe in 2021. 

As the coronavirus pandemic comes to an end, many economic experts believe that it’s possible the rebuilding economy will shift significantly in-favor of solar energy during the next several years. Electric car companies like Tesla are also expected to have a significant impact in the modern green economy that is envisioned by the Biden administration. 

Biden also admitted that the ultimate goal is to have the United States at net-zero emissions by the middle of the century. As many of the world’s most powerful leaders attended the summit, Biden expressed his serious concerns about the ongoing climate situation that is taking place across the globe. Even still, American’s own citizens are very divided on this issue and there’s no way to tell if Biden’s team will be able to set the country on a trajectory to meet the optimistic climate goals that were announced. 

Biden expressed his belief that the Paris Climate Agreement, as initially signed in 2015 by Obama’s administration, was a significant step to reducing the effects of climate change. Trump’s administration almost immediately withdrew the United States from the agreement, but now the Democratic administration behind Joe Behind has once again acted to rejoin the agreement. 

It could be several weeks or months before the citizens of the United States have an exact idea of how Biden’s administration will fight climate change. The idea of reducing emissions by 50% within the next decade may sound a little too good to be true, and that’s likely because it is too good to be true. 

Major enhancements with electric vehicle technology and solar energy would certainly play a significant role in reducing carbon emissions, but it doesn’t seem like either industry is quite ready for rapid wide-range usage. As solar panels and electric vehicles become more efficient, the ability to fight the effects of climate change will improve. If Biden’s administration can find a way to speed up this process, then his expectation of reducing carbon emissions may be possible after all.


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