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Biden Pledges to Restrict ‘Ghost Guns’ With New Executive Orders


President Biden announced several new executive actions that would be focused around restricting access to ‘ghost guns’. At the same time, he also described the recent mass shootings as a major regret for the nation as a whole.

The executive actions taken by the Biden administration may only be an initial step on this particular policy issue but it’s more than likely a topic that won’t go away any time soon. Many of Biden’s critics from the opposing party are already describing his actions as the creation of blueprints that will one day directly infringe upon the 2nd Amendment in the United States Constitution. 

As expected, the Biden administration denied these claims and described the executive orders as an important step towards making the country safer for everyone. With gun violence becoming one of the most important political issues in America, this is likely going to be something that Biden struggles with throughout his entire term in office. 

The biggest problem with several of the executive orders that were signed into law regarding gun violence is that there is no clear pathway towards enforcing these actions. Many of the rules are due to be enacted within one month and in some cases, there is currently no exact language describes how these actions are to be implemented. 

While the overall goal is to regulate unmonitored ‘ghost guns’ that are more likely to be used for criminal activity within the country, it’s currently unclear if Biden’s actions are going to actually solve the problem as intended. Many gun owners are worried that Biden may be trying to restrict the 2nd Amendment by using the recent mass shootings as an excuse to do so. This ongoing debate between representatives on both sides of the issue is one of the reasons that nothing ever gets done. Whether an effective compromise ever gets signed into law, that’s something that nobody will be able to predict until the moment finally arrives.

In the coming weeks, the Biden administration will likely continue to take actions to push their agenda across multiple different political categories. It’s very possible that additional actions may be taken to restrict ghost guns and to further regulate the industry. Focusing on gun safety regulations and passing a massive multi-trillion dollar infrastructure bill will be challenging, but it seems as if the Biden Administration will be taking an attempt to overcome this incredible challenge right now. 

Let’s not forget that all of this is also happening as the country recovers financially from one the coronavirus pandemic. There’s a lot of things on the agenda but Biden’s team of representatives and handlers are making sure to place their ‘gun safety’ agenda towards the top of the priority list while they have a majority in both the House and the Senate.

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