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Alberta’s Accelerated Immigration Program for Tech Workers

New opportunities for immigrants with technology expertise are opening in Alberta with the new “Accelerated Tech Pathway” announced on January 13th. With a large and growing technology division, the need for help is dire as companies struggle to find workers. The immigration program will potentially help many families settle in safe homes with solid employment. 

Applying can be a lengthy process, but it will help get immigrants processed and set up for entry sooner rather than later. By letting these professionals into the country and making permanent residency more quickly accessible, Alberta’s economy is sure to take a nice boost. The government could potentially apply this program to other industries as well. It would be a smart move considering how many opportunities it would create while filling a need in the workforce. 

Diversifying the labor pool and bringing in workers worldwide helps tech companies create a space for different ideas to flourish. Moreover, this program has an obvious advantage that other countries could learn from since nobody loses in this scenario.


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