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Mike Carey Wins Republican Primary in Ohio’s 15th District


Republicans have their nominee for the general election for Ohio’s 15th District that will take place in November of 2021. Mike Carey dominated with an incredible victory over all of the remaining candidates after receiving a valuable endorsement from President Trump earlier this year. 

This special election wouldn’t ordinarily receive a whole lot of attention, but it received some analysis because a lot of political observers are interested in learning more about Trump’s power within the Republican Party at this moment in time. 

After Susan Wright suffered a surprising loss in Texas’ 6th District Special Election Runoff, there were many questions about the possibility of Trump’s influence within the GOP slowly fading away. A lot of those doubts are going to disappear tonight as Mike Carry won with a significant portion of the votes.

Mike Carey declared victory with more than 18,600 votes, clocking in with approximately 37% of the vote. Three candidates were in a dead heat for second, each scoring approximately 13% of the vote. These candidates included Jeff LaRe, Ron Hood, and Bob Peterson. 

Finishing in a distant fifth place was Ruth Edmonds, with approximately 10% of the vote. With 99% of the precincts reporting, vote totals show that more than 50,000 citizens voted in the special election primary for Ohio’s 15th House District. 

From a demographics perspective, it’s fairly likely that Mike Carey will go on to win the general election on November 2nd. This district has a significant record of voting for the Republican nominee, with only one recent exception in 2008 during a ‘blue wave’ election cycle. 

Trump has a few reasons to celebrate Mike Carey’s victory after an intimidating loss that his endorsed candidate, Susan Wright, suffered on July 27th. This victory proves that his endorsement could have a significant impact in a field of crowded Republican candidates. If this power proves to be effective in the weeks and months ahead, Trump could be a powerful force in the 2022 midterm elections.

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