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Governor Abbott Calls Out Democrats As They Remain in Washington D.C.


It’s fair to say that Governor Abbott is growing impatient as the Texas House Democrats continue to avoid their home state in an effort to try and prevent new voting laws from passing in the Republican-controlled legislature within the Texas jurisdiction.

The fact of the matter is that several democrats that serve locally in Texas decided to travel to Washington D.C. during a special session to prevent Republicans from passing voting reforms that enhance security and identity verification.

The trip quickly plunged into a disaster as several of the vaccinated democrats unexpectedly tested positive for the coronavirus, just hours after they met with the Vice President of the United States. Now, they are continuing to return to Texas, despite a pledge from Governor Abbott that he will continuously call special congressional sessions and even threaten to ‘arrest’ the fleeing members if they refuse to return to their duties.

The ongoing ‘cat and mouse’ fight between congressional Republicans and Democrats within Texas is unlikely to end any time soon. Although, one could imagine that Republicans will ultimately be successful considering that it’s basically impossible for the Texas Democrats to stay in Washington D.C. until November of 2022 when the midterm elections are scheduled to take place.

Once the Democrats do finally return to Texas, they’ll either return to their duties or be arrested and brought to the capitol, according to the Texas Governor. Abbott pledged to place the voting legislation right back onto the agenda and will immediately schedule a special session once again to ensure that the legislation passes into law.

While the Texas House Democrats will likely be successful in creating chaos and delays for the Republican Governor of Texas, they will ultimately have to return at some point and unfortunately for them, whenever that moment arrives will presumably be matched with a defeat on voting reforms.

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