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Pressure To Supply Chain Could Have Impact On America’s Economy


Biden’s administration has been struggling to contain a supply chain crisis that could collapse just before the holiday season and leave citizens struggling to find important resources that they need to survive.

Grocery stores, retailers, and gas stations are all struggling to get deliveries as pressure to the supply chain continues. Some of the leading factors include restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic and upcoming vaccine mandates that are contributing to a worker shortage across multiple industries.

Political analysts believe that the supply chain will face a ton of pressure into the early months of 2022 and could even have an impact on shopping for the holiday season.

Frozen meals, electronics, toilet paper, and personal hygiene products are all examples of products that have been bottlenecked by the supply chain crisis and may be difficult to come across in the coming weeks. In addition, gas prices have skyrocketed due to limited deliveries and a lack of oil that former President Trump blames on Biden’s administration.

Trump said at a recent rally that “America was completely energy independent under his administration” and indicated that Joe Biden completely fumbled on his policy decisions and led the country down a horrendous path of struggling. Trump also accused Biden of “begging OPEC for oil.”

As a result, America’s economy and stock markets may see a massive crash before the holiday season if the crisis is not resolved soon. Biden’s administration has yet to find a solution to a wide collection of problems and that is one of the primary reasons that his approval ratings continue to sink lower and lower every single day.


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