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How To Make Cooked Cauliflower Enjoyable


Cauliflower is a healthy vegetable that boasts a number of health benefits

It’s packed with nutrients, and includes unique compounds that may help to reduce the risk of health issues like heart disease and cancer. 

It’s also super weight-loss friendly, and makes an obvious first-choice replacement for potatoes—which are starchy, and turn to sugar when digested. 

You stand to save a bunch of calories by eating more of it.

But here’s the thing about cauliflower.

Sometimes, it’s not the tastiest thing to eat with your food. 

Some people enjoy eating it raw. 

You can dip it in ranch dressing, or in some other kind of sauce. 

But not everyone likes that classic cauliflower crunch. Some people prefer their cauliflower cooked. 

However, it also isn’t always clear how to cook cauliflower to bring out the best flavor. 

For example, it can be pretty easy to overcook it and turn it into a bland mush. It’s also easy to undercook it, or to cook it inconsistently. 

With that being said, in this post, we’re going to give you some steps that you can take to help you make your cooked cauliflower more enjoyable and flavorful. 

This is a pretty classic cooked cauliflower dish that’ll likely appeal to a wide range of different tastes and preferences. 

1. Start Frying Your Cauliflower In A Little Bit Of Olive Oil

This works regardless of whether you’re using frozen cauliflower or fresh cauliflower straight from the produce section. 

Warm up the oil. Add the cauliflower, and just lightly saute it. 

2. Add Some Butter

You can go light or heavy on the butter, depending on your tastes. 

Personally, we like to add quite a bit of it.

Plop the butter right into the middle of the pan, and stir it up as it melts to get it all over the cauliflower. 

This will give it a nice buttery flavor in addition to the flavor created by the olive oil.

You might even start to sear the cauliflower a little bit as you fry it. This is normal, and tastes really good! 

3. Add Spices To Taste

Personally, we find it most beneficial to add a little salt, pepper, and garlic powder to the mix. 

You can even throw in a few onions and peppers to really bring out a few additional flavors, and also add some Italian seasoning. 

Season to taste, and continue to stir and fry the cauliflower as it heats up. 

If there are any especially large stems, you might want to make sure that they’re chopped up so that everything cooks evenly. 

As a general rule, the heads of the cauliflower will tend to cook faster than the stems. 

And this can create inconsistencies that some people aren’t a big fan of.

For best results, you want everything to cook pretty evenly. 

4. Cook Until Done

You’ll want to cook the cauliflower to the point where it’s just starting to get soft enough that it’s showing signs of falling apart as you remove it from the heat. 

Put it in a separate dish, and cover it with a light dusting of parmesan cheese.

You can even drizzle a bit more butter on top, to add a little bit of extra flavor. 

Now it’s ready to serve. Enjoy!

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