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How To Find A Workout Partner To Level Up Your Workouts


Finding a workout partner can be an awesome way to level up your workouts, get more intense with your workouts, and just in general increase your level of physical fitness

When you work out with other people, you tend to push yourself more. 

You can encourage each other, keep each other motivated, and also hold each other accountable—thus, burning more calories, doing more reps, being more consistent, and just in general crushing your workouts even more. 

With that being said, finding the ideal workout partner isn’t always easy. 

If you’re thinking to yourself:

“Well, I’d love to find a workout partner, but thus far I haven’t been able to accomplish it.”

Well, you’re in luck—because in this article, you’re going to learn our favorite plan for how to overcome this problem, find an awesome workout partner, and get started on the process of increasing your physical fitness.

Let’s dive into it. 

1. Start With Your Closest Friends And Family Members

Sometimes, you may not think that people are looking for an opportunity to work out—but upon doing a bit of research, you may be surprised. 

For example, reaching out to your closest friends and family members, and just straight up asking them:

“Hey, would you be interested in working out with me as a workout partner?” 

…may yield surprisingly useful and positive results. 

You may not necessarily think that any of your friends or family would be interested in this—but you may be mistaken in this. 

For example—you may come to find that the only reason they haven’t started working out on their own is because they’ve also been looking for a workout partner, and didn’t think anyone in their circles would be interested.  

2. Utilize Your Extended Friend Groups And Acquaintances

If by chance you don’t find success in your search to find a workout partner when you ask your friends and family, then you can expand your search to include more extended friends and acquaintances. 

You could utilize social media for this. 

You could post a few posts, letting your friends know that if anyone would be interested in working out with you, to send you a message. 

You could also spread the word when you text friends, meet up for coffee, attend parties, go to work functions, etc. 

Speaking of work—your coworkers could be an awesome crowd to ask as well. 

You never know who at your workplace may also be interested in increasing their health and fitness levels.  

3. Join A Gym And/Or Workout Classes 

If these previous attempts all yield zero results, then you may want to consider signing up to a gym that offers group fitness classes. 

This is an awesome way to leverage a group workout mentality through built-in infrastructures—getting you plugged in with people who are already on the mission and want the same thing as you. 

At first, joining a gym or workout class may seem intimidating—but the truth of the matter is that once you get used to it, you’ll likely fall into a routine alongside everyone else. 

And you will likely find that your fitness and workout results will soar to the next level as a result. 


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