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3 Tips For Overcoming Mental Blocks


Mental blocks can be really difficult to deal with, especially if they pertain to a project that you’re trying to complete or work you’re trying to get done. 

Mental blocks basically keep you from mentally and creatively moving forward. 

They make you feel like you’re stuck in whatever stage or step you’re currently involved in. 

They also make you feel like you can’t figure out what the next step of the process is supposed to look like or be. 

And unfortunately, all too often, they show up when it’s almost too inconvenient. 

They may show up at the peak of the creative part of a project, right before a project is completed—or even right at the beginning. 

Nobody wants to have to deal with this kind of frustration. And admittedly, this can be a super challenging issue to overcome—because it often feels like you have zero control over it. 

With that being said, learning how to get over mental blocks can be a powerful skill that you can leverage in your life to overcome these frustrating circumstances. 

And you may be surprised to learn that you actually have a lot more control over this than you ever thought possible. 

Let’s talk about 3 steps that you can deploy today to start overcoming mental blocks in your own life.

1. Utilize The Flow State

When you learn how to engage the flow state to increase creativity, you can often ‘jolt’ yourself out of the mental block state and really delve into a creative state.

Learning how to get into the flow state is a skill all in itself. 

However, you can generally help to optimize this aspect of your life by getting up early and getting right to work before you engage in things that start to tax your brain. 

In other words, avoid checking those emails or logging into social media until after you’ve done your creative work. 

It actually makes all the difference. 

2. Get Some Exercise 

Another crucial tip that you can use to help yourself overcome mental blocks is to get physically active

Consider taking a walk, a run, or a bike ride to get away from your desk and get your heart pumping. 

Not only can this help you to clear your mind and reduce stress, but it can also put you back into the flow state, which is really the best state to be in for overcoming mental blocks. 

3. Look For New Inspiration

Sometimes, mental blocks are more likely to occur when you’ve just run out of inspiration

Therefore, finding new ways to get inspired might be the key to continuing forward in the process.

For example—listening to some new music, traveling to a new place, hanging out with new people, or even trying new foods can all trigger new inspiration that may fuel your creative endeavors in ways that you never would have expected. 


Hopefully, these tips will help you to overcome your mental blocks and move on with the creative process—so that you can create amazing things and experience more of that success we’re all seeking in life.


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