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How To Be A Better Leader – For Health And Wellness


At first, you may not associate leadership with health and wellness betterment. 

However, the truth of the matter is that leadership actually does matter for all areas of life—including the areas of health and wellness

If you are a leadership figure in the lives of others, then you actually have a great deal of not only power, but also responsibility in helping others to have better health and wellness. 

And listen, you may not think of yourself as a leader per se. 

However, if you’re a parent, a teacher, a manager at your job, and/or the type of person who has any type of authority over others whatsoever, then guess what?

You’re actually a leader, and you can start making a huge difference in the lives of other people—specifically, in their health and wellness outcomes. 

This is even true for people who own pets. 

If you own pets, guess what? 

You are directly responsible for the health and wellness of those pets.

See, it’s up to you to feed those pets a healthy diet. 

It’s up to you to get them the exercise they need. 

It’s up to you to provide them with toys and activities that’ll stimulate their mind and help them to grow and thrive. 

It’s also up to you to provide them with adequate socialization. 

In fact, a lot of people don’t realize this—but being a pet parent is a huge responsibility, and a massive leadership opportunity. 

So in this blog post, you’re going to learn 3 specific methods for how you can start being a better leader today in the realm of helping others to increase their health and wellness outcomes.

Here’s what you need to know. 

1. Take Care Of Yourself First

Listen, as a leader, it’s really important for you to be focused on your own health and wellness as well. 

When you get adequate sleep, eat a healthy diet, and get plenty of exercise—you are going to be a better, healthier, more capable leader for your team, family, or pets. 

Therefore, it’s crucial to take this responsibility seriously. 

2. Encourage Your Team Or Family To Take Care Of Themselves

When you’re in a leadership position, you often don’t realize how much weight your words carry. 

If you notice that someone on your team or somebody in your family isn’t taking care of themselves properly, it’s your responsibility to speak up and encourage them, with positive affirmations, to start striving to take better care of themselves. 

For example, you could encourage them to get a little bit more sleep, to try exercising, or to change their diet a little bit to try to improve their overall health and wellness outcomes. 

Who knows?

You giving them a little bit of encouragement may be exactly what they need to make better choices for their own health and wellness. 

This could be massively beneficial. 

3. Take Responsibility For The People On Your Team

Regardless of whether you’re a manager, a teacher, a parent, or a pet owner, it’s crucial for you to take a look around and to notice the ‘health and wellness state’ of the people within your team or family. 

Do they look good? 

Are they performing well? 

Do they seem to be generally healthy and in good spirits? 

If not, then you should definitely inquire and ask them how they’re doing. 

See if they need some extra support. 

See if there’s anything that you can do to help them take better care of themselves. 

And of course, always communicate and encourage them to be taking care of their body, mind, and spirit so that they can live and perform at their best every single day. 

This is how you, as a leader, can uphold your end of the responsibility of taking care of your team and family.


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