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3 Delicious And Healthy Sweet Potato Side Dishes


Sweet potatoes are surprisingly good for you. 

Not only are they a pretty healthy carb source, but they’re also filled with plenty of other vitamins, nutrients, and minerals to help provide you with the things you need to fuel you for your day and equip you with better health and wellness outcomes. 

With that being said, cooking with sweet potatoes can be a little bit tricky if you’re not used to it. 

Regular potatoes are incredibly easy to cook with. 

They go with almost everything, and there are all kinds of ways to prepare them. 

And to be really honest, it’s hard to mess up regular potatoes. 

Sweet potatoes, however, require just a little bit of extra finesse to help you prepare them perfectly. 

So in this post, you’re going to learn our 3 favorite ways to prepare delicious and healthy sweet potato dishes. 

1. Mashed With Butter 

For this dish, peel your sweet potatoes, slice them up relatively thin, and boil them in a pot of water.

When they’re nice and soft (i.e. soft enough to mash), strain them. 

Then, mash them up and mix a little bit of butter with them. 

Serve them just like you would serve mashed potatoes, but make sure to smother them with butter, salt, and pepper. 

This is a savory dish that will definitely be a hit. 

2. Gently Pan-Fried

For this dish, you’ll want to peel your sweet potatoes, then slice them either into thin round pieces, or into french-fry shaped spears—whichever you prefer. 

Next, get out your skillet. 

Get it warm, and coat it in butter. 

Then, place an ‘extra’ dab of butter into the middle, just so that you have plenty of ‘frying surface’ to work with. 

Next, lay the sweet potatoes out on your skillet.

Leave them to fry until they start to get just a little bit crispy brown on the underside, then flip them over. 

Finish them on the opposite side—cooking until they’re the same crispy brown. 

Then, pull them off the heat—coat with salt and pepper—and enjoy

3. Sweet And Savory

For this dish, you’ll want to cut your sweet potatoes up into one-inch thick chunks and lay them in the bottom of a pan. 

Next, put a little bit of chicken stock in the pan—just enough to coat the bottom of the pan and provide a bit of moisture. 

You’ll also want to drop several ‘dallops’ of butter into the mix as well. 

Stick these in the oven and cook them until they’re getting nice and soft. 

Halfway through cooking, you’ll want to pull them out and flip them over—just to make sure that both sides are getting the moisture from the chicken stock.

When they’re fully cooked, pull them out of the oven and drain out the chicken stock. 

Butter the tops of the now roasted potatoes, then drizzle some brown sugar on top. Next, use some spreadable marshmallow topping and cover them with it. 

This will create a delicious sweet and savory dish that anyone would love! 


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