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Yellowstone’s 150th Anniversary

As Yellowstone National Park’s 150th anniversary approaches, park officials are looking to make some significant changes, most of which are long overdue. On March 1, 1872, Yellowstone became the first national park in North America. As first reported by Stacey Leasca of Travel + Leisure, officials want to use this as an opportunity to look back on the history of Yellowstone, in particular to Native Americans who once settled the land. 

American history has often been portrayed incorrectly, especially in the region of Yellowstone National Park. Tribal communities once relied on and thrived off of the land, and history paints a story where they were never there in the first place. This country has had a long history of hurting people of other cultures without taking responsibility. When some wish to change textbooks so white people don’t look bad, we must ensure we use events like Yellowstone’s birthday, to tell the truth. 

 The park will be hosting many events to celebrate and bring attention to the importance of conserving nature. The celebrations are the perfect time to get out with the family and thank Earth for providing us with everything we need.


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