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Traveling To Foreign Countries May Still Be Extremely Risky


The State Department and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are still advising citizens to not travel to foreign countries due to the significant risks that are still being presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

A large collection of countries are marked towards the riskier end of the spectrum, clocking in under the “Level 4 Hazard” category. Vaccinated Americans are starting to feel more comfortable with traveling but there are still significant risks for individuals and travelers who are not fully vaccinated. 

Statements have periodically been made from both agencies, highly suggesting that citizens do not travel outside of the country due to the risks. There are even still some concerns for traveling domestically, but domestic travel is once again becoming popular as the airline industry eyes a return to pre-pandemic levels.

The recommendation to not travel to most foreign countries is a decision that will not be seen under a positive light for many citizens. Americans are extremely eager to travel once again after many states restricted their citizens from many traditional daily activities. With cases rising in several foreign countries, even to record levels in some scenarios, it’s a situation where every individual should carefully evaluate their travel plans and reconsider if the risks are too significant.  This could especially be true for individuals that are more vulnerable to the potential effects of the virus. 

Several governors across the country have suggested that they believe the coronavirus pandemic will be completely over by June or July in 2021. While many states will be completely reopened by that time, it’s hard to really understand if the entire globe will be ready to resume normal life at that time. Some countries are really struggling to take control and overcome the virus and that means that it may still be too risky to travel to some countries, even by the summer time. 

As millions of Americans continue to get their COVID-19 vaccine, more and more individuals are regaining the confidence to return to their normal lives. There will always be a significant portion of Americans who will be against taking the vaccine and that could ultimately play a factor in the level of risk that each person has with foreign travel as well. 

More information on the risks of foreign travel will likely become available in the coming months. There’s reason to believe that there is light at the end of the tunnel, but right now it’s probably a good idea to think about the risks with foreign travel before finalizing your travel plans. 


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