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COVID-19 Travel Updates

Now that we’ve been experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic for three years, it’s possible you’re thinking about traveling. With so many countries having different vaccine mandates, negative COVID-19 test requirements, and quarantines in place, it’s hard to know which countries are safe to travel to right now. It is important to do research about the city you are traveling to and learn the requirements. If you are expe

Where is it safe to travel?
The CDC has advised against travel to Madagascar and South Africa. If you do plan on traveling there, make sure that you are vaccinated and boosted. If you have been exposed to or traveled in any of these countries, then quarantine when you arrive home. Also, be wary of countries where it may be harder for you to get a negative covid test result back fast enough or for very expensive.

Steps if traveling in the U.S.A
U.S. citizens are free to travel within the country. There are no border restrictions between states or negative COVID-19 test requirements. In airports and public transportation centers, masks are required. Research the city you are traveling to, some cities have stricter requirements. For example, in New York City there are mask mandates, and proof of vaccination is needed to dine inside at restaurants. Though it is not required, you should test for COVID-19 before and after travel to help stop the spread!

Steps if traveling outside of U.S.A
It is essential that you learn the COVID-19 protocols of the country you are visiting. Many countries require a negative COVID-19 test to enter and exit the country. If you do not have a valid test, you will be denied entry. Other countries, such as Canada, require vaccination to enter. Do your research to ensure you have everything you need to enter the country safely.


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