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CDC Adds Mexico to Highest Travel Advisory List

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently added over ten countries to their highest travel advisory list, including Mexico. The country is a popular vacation spot for Americans, especially those wishing to escape the frigid cold during the winter months. After the Omicron variant tore its way through the world faster than The Flash, many are still wanting to travel. Countries around the world are opening their gates to tourists, many with restrictions that include vaccination, negative Covid-19 tests, and a mandatory quarantine upon arrival. Mexico, however, does not have any requirements.

Although the country is open for anyone to visit, regardless of vaccination status or test results, some individual states have taken preventative measures. The CDC named Mexico a “Level 4” location, which is considered the highest risk. Alison Fox of Travel and Leisure noted, “Destinations are classified as “Level 4” if they report more than 500 COVID-19 cases per 100,000 people over the last 28 days. Currently, there are 128 destinations classified as “Level 4,” including popular spots like Canada, St. Barths, Aruba, Spain, Italy, and France.”


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