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Biden Sets New Guidelines for Foreign Travelers


On November 8th, existing travel restrictions will be changed for foreign travelers that intend to fly into the United States. With proof of vaccination, the new order allows for these travelers to come into the United States from countries like India, China, and England. 

This is a significant change as Biden’s administration continues to focus on mandatory vaccinations as a condition of being allowed to participate in U.S. society. It’s also one of the most controversial political issues that have resulted in walkouts, protests, and his approval ratings plunging from the mid 50’s to the mid 30’s. 

In addition to the new guidelines set to be put in place in a little over two weeks, Biden is also planning on mandating vaccinations for any worker who is employed at a company that has more than 100 employees. This is yet another mandatory vaccination requirement that Biden is trying to set into place. 

Only time will tell how the new guidelines for the workplace as well as for foreign travelers will work out. It seems as if a large group of people may remain frustrated with the administration’s decisions in relation to the pandemic. 

It’s unclear if Biden has any plans on changing the new travel restrictions at any point in the future, even when the pandemic is much further behind us than it already is. While it’s important to keep an eye on the number of daily cases reported by sources like the CDC, these numbers appear to be declining quite rapidly, signalling a potential weakening of the coronavirus. 

If this trend continues downwards, that would be a positive sign for the Biden administration and would potentially allow them to remove some coronavirus restrictions, mask mandates, and presumably, travel restrictions as well. 


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