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Luka Magic: Doncic’s Buzzer Beater Lifts Mavs to Victory


If you are even a casual NBA fan, you know by now that Luka Doncic makes the impossible shots, well, possible!  With the clock winding down and the Mavericks trailing the Memphis Grizzlies by two points, everyone in the arena and watching at home knew that Luka would take the final shot.  However, no one could have imagined the circus shot ending that was about to ensue.

Doncic dribbled, stumbled, nearly fell, then threw up a one-handed prayer of a three-pointer that hit nothing but the bottom of the net!

Heck, even fellow NBA superstars like Lebron James, Dame Lillard, and Steph Curry gave plenty of props to Doncic for such a difficult shot (  Both Doncic and Mavs coach Rick Carlisle were at a loss for words on the buzzer beater because it was so iconic.  Keep reading to see how Luka and the Mavs have done so far this season.

Luka Continues to WOW Fans with His Greatness

Though the Mavericks have had an up and down season so far, Luka has continued to put up dazzling performances.  The 22-year old seems to make sports highlight reels at least a couple times each week which shows his uncanny ability to make miracle shots.  In fact, Doncic is averaging over 28 points per game this season and 8.6 assists per contest as well (  

If the 6-7 superstar can continue putting up those types of dominant numbers, he could still get back in the thick of the MVP race (Doncic is currently 7th).  What makes Luka so great is that he is not a one dimensional player.  Luka knows how to score, pass, and rebound. Having all three of those abilities is a rarity in today’s game of basketball.

How have the Mavs performed so far this season?

Dallas stumbled out of the gate to start the season.  In fact, the Mavs dropped six straight games back in late January and early February.  However, the Mavs have been playing better of late mainly thanks to Doncic and Kristaps Porzingis.

The Mavericks are currently six games over .500 with a 30-24 overall record.  Although that only ranks 7th in the Western Conference standings, the Mavs are in first place in the Southwest Division.  Dallas could move up a few spots in the Western Conference standings, which would give them a better chance at playoff success.

How far can the Mavs go in the playoffs this year?

Like we said, it all depends on what seeding that the Mavs get.  If the Mavs do not improve from their current 7 seed spot, that would mean they would have to play a top tier team like the Jazz, Clippers, or Suns in the first round.  Unfortunately, it is difficult to see the Mavs getting past any of those three teams in the first round.  

However, we must remember that Luka specializes in the impossible.  Just ask anyone who saw his miracle, game-winning shot on Wednesday night!


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