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3 Reasons Why Dallas will NOT sign Prescott Long-Term

The Dallas Cowboys and starting quarterback Dak Prescott have been going round and round this same mountain for nearly two years.  Prescott has stated on multiple occasions that he would prefer to stay in Big D.  Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has also stated that he wants to keep Dak in a Dallas uniform (

Although there are some reports saying that the contract talks between Prescott and the Cowboys brass have improved (, we simply cannot ignore the fact that there is still no deal in place.  Here are three reasons why Dallas will NOT sign Prescott to a long-term contract.


  1. Dak has Only 1 Playoff Win in 5 Seasons

The 6-2 235 pounder has put up some stellar numbers for Dallas, but success is measured by Jerry Jones in the form of Super Bowl rings.  Not only does Prescott have no Super Bowl appearances, but he also only has one playoff victory for the Cowboys!

Sure, one could argue that the lack of playoff success is not Prescott’s fault.  The Cowboys defense has often been the weak link of the team since Prescott arrived in 2016.  

However, this is the NFL and in this league, the quarterback position gets either too much credit or too much blame.  Fair or unfair, Prescott shoulders much of the blame since the Cowboys have not reached the playoffs since 2018.

  1. Prescott is Demanding Way Too Much Money

There is no denying that Prescott deserves to be paid.  Heck, the 27-year old was a fourth-round draft pick back in 2016 which means he did not receive a substantial signing bonus.  No one could argue that the Cowboys got to enjoy Prescott’s skills at a deep discount from 2016-2019.

However, multiple reports have surfaced saying that Prescott’s camp is demanding a contract similar to Chiefs star Patrick Mahomes.  Mahomes signed a record-shattering 10-year deal worth 500 million dollars (Fox News).  

It is mind-boggling that Prescott is asking for a contract that is in the same zip code as Mahomes!  Yes, Prescott is an amazing quarterback but he is nowhere near Mahomes’ caliber.  Keep in mind that Mahomes has led his team to back-to-back Super Bowl appearances and has won one of those Super Bowls.

3. There are Too Many QB Options in the Draft

Though many Cowboys fans feel that Prescott is the team’s best option at quarterback, he is not Dallas’ only option.  The 2021 NFL Draft is coming up in April and it is absolutely loaded with talent at the quarterback position.  The Cowboys have the #10 overall selection in the first round.  

No, Trevor Lawrence or Justin Fields will not be available by pick number ten.  However, playmakers Trey Lance and Mac Jones could both still be available and both have boatloads of talent.  Either of those young soon-to-be rookies could give the Cowboys a much more cost-effective option at quarterback.

A Final Word

So, what will happen?  Will Dallas finally give Prescott the big-time contract?  Will they hit Prescott with the franchise tag like last season?  Time is running out for both parties as the deadline to franchise tag a player is March 9th!


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