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2021 NFL Draft Spotlight: Clemson QB Trevor Lawrence


The 2021 NFL Draft is exactly one week away, but there is no drama surrounding who the Jacksonville Jaguars will select with the first pick on April 29th.  The Jags scored a big-time coaching hire back in January when they lured Urban Meyer to Jacksonville.  Meyer and the new Jags staff have already admitted that they are taking Lawrence at number one (

Judging by Lawrence’s outstanding college career at Clemson, who can blame the Jags for putting the hopes of their franchise onto the blonde haired 21-year old?  Here are three reasons Lawrence will be a big hit in Jacksonville.

Lawrence has Good Character

In today’s social media obsessed ‘me-first’ generation, it is rare to find a 21-year old that has a selfless personality.  Lawrence is an outspoken Christian and practices what he preaches as evidenced by his recent $20,000 donation to Jacksonville charities.  How often have we seen an athlete make a contribution to charity before they even sign their first pro contract?

Also, the Jags will not have to worry about their new prized rookie staying out late at night clubs and getting into trouble.  Lawrence recently married his high school sweetheart, Marissa Mowry.  Marriage often has a calming, steadying influence on young men and that will only work in the Jags favor.

Lawrence has Phenomenal Leadership Abilities

No matter how talented a player is, there are a few intangible qualities that simply cannot be taught.  Lawrence has that rare type of charisma that makes others players follow him.  In fact, Lawrence was a team leader at Clemson as a true freshman.  

Seriously, how many 18-year olds are capable of leading an entire college football team?  Lawrence, along with coach Meyer, could possibly change the football culture in Jacksonville in a hurry.  Not only does Lawrence know how to lead, the young man knows how to win (34-2 record as a starter at Clemson).  

Lawrence has All of the Physical Tools

When it comes to football skills, Lawrence has it all.  The 6-6 220 pounder has a ton of arm strength as well as pinpoint accuracy on every type of throw.  Also, we cannot forget that Lawrence possesses 4.4 type of speed which helps him be immensely mobile in the pocket.

Throwing mechanics are also not a problem for Lawrence as he has the best fundamentals of any QB in the draft.  Lawrence can throw into the tightest of windows and that skill will definitely come in handy in the NFL against tough defenses.  The former National Champion has plenty of big game experience as well so the NFL stage should not be too bright for him.

Will being the #1 pick be too much pressure for Lawrence?

Lawrence has been the face of every team he has ever played for so being the first pick in the draft should not bother him.  Also, Lawrence started right off the bat in both high school and college so he is no stranger to stepping in and playing right away.  It will be interesting to see how much success the Jags can attain this year with Lawrence, Meyer, and company.


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