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Tyson Foods Quarterly Sales Rise As Restaurant Demand Surges

Tyson Foods Inc recently reported a strong quarterly profit, revealing its quarterly sales rose as restaurant demand simultaneously rose. According to this latest data from the company, sales and earnings rose by double-digits, resulting in a much better quarter than expected. The company’s beef segment also did very well, even though cattle prices have surged by about 20%. 

Tyson Foods Inc is currently the top meatpacker in the United States. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Tyson has struggled to stay on top of current problems. For example, the labor shortage that has gripped the nation and affected many different businesses — in many different industries — has also affected how Tyson Foods Inc runs. The corporation has had to deal with many labor shortages at its plants in the United States because of the pandemic, so this latest strong report on sales comes as a bit of a surprise. 

This increase in sales could possibly be the result of different factors. However, the surge of people going out to eat in restaurants most certainly helped increase the company’s sales. Demand for meat — from beef to chicken — has increased steadily throughout the entire year. Meals eaten at restaurants have also steadily increased, especially because so many people stayed home last year, rather than venture out to eat during the pandemic.

Earlier this year, Americans spent a lot of money on services, mainly in restaurants as many finally started eating out again after going so long without. Currently, meatpackers such as Tyson have already seen a record of demand for meat. Specifically, there is currently a huge demand for American beef worldwide, especially in China and other Asian countries.       

However, Tyson and other meatpackers have also faced their fair share of problems in 2021, mainly because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The labor shortage has increasingly become an issue for the company. Increased costs for transportation of goods have also become an issue, as has inflation.                                                

As a result of all of these major problems, the price of meat packaged by Tyson has gone up. Everything has gone up in the making of the products — from packaging to farming to shipping — so the overall price of food has gone up. While Tyson produces its goods in the United States, the cost to transport the goods around the nation has still cost, especially amid a labor shortage where warehouse workers and truck drivers are vitally needed. Tyson has also been affected by the global supply chain bottlenecks, especially when it transports its many goods to China and elsewhere in the world.

However, even with these major issues, Tyson still had a better than expected quarter when it comes to sales and profits. Thus far, there is no sign that inflation or the high cost to ship and transport products will go down in price. Therefore, consumers may have to continue to experience the price of goods going up. However, demand for chicken and beef still remains high, especially at restaurants. If the demand continues to remain high, then consumers will still continue to pay this high cost for the food that they want.


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