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Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill Inches Closer To Passing With Breakthrough In Negotiation


It’s been several months since negotiations on a massive infrastructure bill were initially proposed and it’s taken a significant amount of time to resolve minor issues relating to the price tag between Democrats and Republicans.

Left-wing democrats suggested that a much higher price tag was necessary and even proposed significant increases to the corporate tax rate in order to help pay for it. Moderate democrats were not interested in budging on this issue for the most part and several amendments have made their way into the legislation to help control the price tag. 

Republicans have managed to shave trillions of dollars off the total price and most of the money within the legislation is targeting public roads and bridges. Public transportation will also receive a significant portion of the money that is being sent out in this infrastructure bill.

While it’s not a total success for the Biden administration’s efforts to craft an infrastructure proposal that aligned with their party’s agenda, the breakthrough in negotiations will suggest that they may be able to reap the benefits of passing a bipartisan infrastructure bill in the near future. 

At the end of the day, Democrats and Republicans both made sacrifices in the negotiations and the infrastructure of America will start to benefit if the legislation passes and the money starts contributing to rebuilding significant portions of the nation. 


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