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Biden Takes One Last Swing To Pass Spending Bill


It’s been months of intense negotiations, standoffs, and waiting as moderates and left-wing political representatives have grappled with trying to find a price tag and compromise that would work for everyone. 

Biden and his administration know that this could be their last opportunity to get something passed in congress for quite some time. Nancy Pelosi is urging for a vote as early as next week with hopes of passing it with a price tag estimated to be around $1.7 Trillion. 

Government spending has been a cause for concern as Democrats continue to urge for more spending on infrastructure programs and other similar policies. Inflation is reaching a significant level of concern and that could have dim consequences for the economy in the future.

Biden’s administration has struggled to get anything done up to this point and they have been forceful in an attempt to get things done. Moderates within their party have frustrated them because their agenda has been halted because of representatives like Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema. 

It appears that a deal might be in the near future as the final portions of the agreement are finalized. The agreement could be so fragile that any incorrect or offensive language in the legislation could force it to completely fall apart.

The next few days will be very significant to Biden as he tries to dig himself out from devastating approval ratings.  Biden’s recent job approval ratings have disapproval much higher than approval, primarily affecting independents who are impactful in future elections. If he can’t turn those numbers around soon, there will be almost nothing that he can do to save from a blood bath for his political party during the 2022 midterms where the Republican Party is already heavily favored. 


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