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Biden Has Challenges Ahead As U.S. Economic Recovery Stagnates


The U.S. economy could be in serious jeopardy as we head into the holiday season. A poor report for new jobs during the month of September suggests that the worker shortage in America could be getting worse. There are tons of job openings and very few workers that are willing to fill those openings for a variety of reasons.

Contributing factors include the pandemic, although cases have been coming down across the nation for several weeks now. In addition, vaccine mandates have sparked thousands of workers to leave their jobs because they are unwilling to continue working after receiving that requirement from their local jurisdiction or employer. 

A new vaccine mandate that was announced in September from Joe Biden is expected to take effect soon. This requirement is expected to apply to all employers that have at least 100 employees and that could also force reluctant people to leave their jobs instead of getting vaccinated. 

Political analysts believe that the supply chain could face a ton of pressure during the holiday season in 2021 and into the early months of 2022. The side effects from the worker shortage could have a significant impact on shopping for the holiday season. 

The vaccine mandate isn’t the only thing contributing to the worker shortage and supply chain crisis right now. Inflation and the ending of economic stimulus payments have also soured the American economy. While businesses remain open, many of them are extremely short-staffed and many of them are going to face struggles during the upcoming holiday season because of it.

The stock market has managed to remain stable up to this point, but an economic crash could take place at any moment. Don’t forget that there’s a debt ceiling situation also existing in the background that will need to be addressed by Democratic leadership in the coming weeks, all while the Biden administration tries to roll out a vaccine mandate for millions of American workers. 

The next several weeks will likely signal whether the U.S. economy is stable enough to survive the holiday season. The side effects of any more economic deterioration could be the spark that creates a major economic recession and that could have terrible consequences. With Biden’s approval ratings already as low as they are, there’s a pretty good chance that Biden is hoping to steer away from that economic catastrophe as well.  


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