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Spread Love, Not Hate—For Health And Wellness


Unfortunately, we live in a world where, all too often, people choose to speak with disrespect, anger, aggressiveness, negativity, and mean-spirited language as opposed to spreading love, kindness, respect, etc. 

This is just as much a problem in the real world as it is online—and it doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. 

Now, don’t get it twisted. 

Being nice and kind is all well and good when things are going well. 

But what about when things start to go wrong? 

What about when people start to say mean things to you or disrespect you? 

Doesn’t this give you license to speak mean and angry things back to them? 

This is a good question. And honestly, a lot of people would probably choose to go ahead and continue to spread that negativity. 

Hence, why negative thoughts, words, and actions tend to spread like wildfire

But in this blog post, you’re going to learn 3 reasons for why you shouldn’t allow people to bring that kind of ugliness out of you. 

And it actually matters for your health and wellness

1. It Brings Down Your Character 

When you speak with anger, bitterness, and negativity to other people—it actually brings down your character in the eyes of everyone around you.

This can cause harmful repercussions for your social networks and relationships. 

In other words, it can cause you to jeopardize your otherwise kind and respectful reputation—and that certainly isn’t a good thing. 

You definitely don’t want to let someone who’s being rude or unkind to you to have that kind of power over your life and relationships. 

2. Giving In To Your Anger Is Bad For Stress Levels

Sometimes, you can feel a sort of ‘short-term release of stress’ when you go ahead and have a fight, say a mean thing, or engage in an argument.

But the truth of the matter is that, in the long term, this strategy will tend to weigh more on your emotions than anything else. 

Constantly getting pulled into negativity is bad for your stress levels, and takes away from your overall state of happiness. 

And this definitely doesn’t help you to be any healthier or more well. 

It can actually have the opposite effect. 

3. Maintaining Peace Of Mind Is Critical

If you can find a way to avoid getting sucked into negativity, and if you can find a way to spread love and positivity instead of hate and anger, then guess what? 

You can actually do a lot to provide more peace of mind and harmony in your own life. 

And this can have compounding positive results for your overall levels of happiness. 

When it comes to being healthy, happy, and well, there’s just no comparison. 

Treating people with kindness, controlling your actions, and refusing to be pulled into negative and damaging conflicts is really the best way to go. 

So spread love and positivity today, instead of negativity or hate.

It really matters for health and wellness. And you definitely won’t regret it. 


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