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Several Vaccinated Texas House Democrats That Left Texas Have COVID-19


In an unexpected plot twist, several of the House Democrats that left the state of Texas to show their opposition to some of the proposed Republican voting reforms have apparently tested positive for the coronavirus in the capitol. 

The congressional representatives that tested positive for COVID-19 were apparently fully vaccinated. This development continues to highlight the genuine concern that many people have in regards to the effectiveness of the vaccines that are currently available for ‘emergency use’.

This unexpected trip to Washington D.C. also highlights the poor judgement that the Texas Democrats have made, especially considering several of them met with the currently-serving Vice President, Kamala Harris. It’s currently unclear if any of the three members that tested positive were in the private meeting with the Vice President. 
Governor Abbott of Texas has continued to express his future plans to call special congressional sessions continuously until the Texas Democrats return to his jurisdiction to hold a vote on the reforms for voting, including enhanced voter security guidelines that would go into effect.

Abbott’s plans are not likely to change, even with the development of several members of the caucus testing positive for the coronavirus. Those members are planning to quarantine for several days. No plans to return to the state of Texas have been announced by the Democrats as they continue to face off against congressional Republicans that are awaiting their return in Texas. For what it’s worth, Abbott has not ruled out the potential for arresting the Democrats when they return until they complete their elected duties.


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