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San Francisco Mandates Vaccines For Indoor Locations


San Francisco will require all individuals that work at various indoor locations to show proof of vaccination. All eligible individuals over the age of 12 will be required to show their COVID-19 vaccination card when entering a restaurant, bar, or gym in San Francisco. 

Larger venues will also require vaccination proof. A good example would be a sporting event or concert that requires a large number of people to collectively come together at the same location. 

The new law in San Francisco’s jurisdiction is extremely controversial as there are still many citizens who are strongly opposed to vaccination mandates. Los Angeles County is also planning to draft a similar mandate in the near future if the recent spike is not contained in the next few weeks.

All individuals that want to attend indoor locations at these types of venues will have to start showing proof of their vaccination status on August 20th. Employees have a little bit more time to get vaccinated with a specific deadline set for October 13th. 

The enforcement of the law will be solely up to business owners, who are being pressured by local governments to follow through and check vaccination status of customers and employees. The controversial topic on the COVID-19 vaccine continues to be a major issue as new variants are causing the current vaccines to potentially be less effective in some ways. Many ‘experts’ are assuming that new vaccines may need to be developed or booster shots may need to be administered. 

Keep in mind that San Francisco is now mandating that all individuals must get a vaccine for the COVID-19 pandemic to enter or work in common public spaces. The FDA hasn’t even fully approved the vaccines and yet they are being mandated in jurisdictions like San Francisco.

The topic is so controversial that the results for the upcoming California Gubernatorial Recall Election may change based on this issue. Many individuals that don’t want vaccine mandates in California are supporting Republican Candidate Larry Elder, who has repeatedly pledged to strike down unconstitutional vaccine mandates on his first day in office. On the other side of the spectrum, current Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom apparently supports the mask mandates and vaccine mandates that are being proposed.  

It’s unclear how long the mandates will be in effect for. It’s also unclear if business owners will enforce the mandatory vaccine requirement. Only time will tell if the vaccine mandate outlined for San Francisco will survive or be struck down. The results of the ‘Recall Election’ may have a major impact on the future of these laws. 


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