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Keeping The Litter Box Clean – For Health And Wellness


Hey—who doesn’t like little kittens and friendly felines?

As humans, we’ve been domesticating cats for about as long as we can remember.

They’re cute, they’re friendly, and they help with mice (sometimes). Plus, they’re super lovable.  

And yet—many humans are still struggling with how to deal with the issue of managing the ‘refuse’ that they leave behind. 

It’s stinky. It makes a mess. And it’s just in general not healthy or good for you. 

Cat poop and urine can spread germs and lead to disease

And you certainly don’t want that. 

Thankfully, a lot of headway has been made in modern times to help you deal with this. 

Let’s break it down and make a plan. 

1. Scoop The Litter Several Times Per Day

While wearing latex gloves and a mask, scoop the ‘refuse’ out of your litter box, put it into a bag, and dispose of it. 

Then, you should sprinkle some ‘smell good’ powder onto the litter. You should also consider spraying down the room with some germ-killing air freshener, just to make sure that you kill any airborne germs. 

If any cat litter has made its way onto the floor around the litter box, make sure that you sweep it up and get rid of it. 

2. Change The Litter As Often As Needed

Periodically, you’ll also need to change the litter. 

Depending on how many cats you have, this may need to be an almost daily task. Or, for one cat, you can sometimes go several days before needing to thoroughly change the litter. 

But at some point, you’re going to want to adopt a routine of changing out the entire box of litter and replacing it with new litter. 

You can buy cheap or expensive litter. But keep in mind that, with cat litter, you really do get what you pay for. 

If you’re not careful, buying cheap litter can sometimes cause your cat’s refuse to smell, even when properly covered by your pet. 

3. Get A Larger Litter Box

Some people make the mistake of buying litter boxes that are just too small, and these smaller boxes just sometimes don’t provide enough of a space for cats to ‘do their business.’ 

Upgrading to a larger litter box can give your cat more room and space, which is really good for making sure that everything smells as good as possible, and remains as clean as possible. 

4. Get An Automatic, Self-Cleaning Litter Box

You can buy automatic litter boxes, such as those sold by Litter Robot, to help automate the litter-cleaning process. 

And honestly—if you’re serious about keeping your house clean and clear of the smell of kitty waste, this is most definitely the way to go. 

They’re a little bit on the expensive side. But they work really well, and there’s really no comparison. 

If you plan to keep your cats for their entire lifespan, then investing in something like this could provide you with an awesome advantage.


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