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How To Overcome Resentment – For Health And Wellness


Overcoming resentment isn’t easy. 

Resentment can basically be defined as bitter indignation from having been treated unfairly in the past.

It’s really understandable to feel resentful when someone has wronged you or treated you badly.  

With that being said, resentment is truly like a poison for your mind, feelings, and body—and if you allow it to control your emotions, you’re going to end up hurting yourself far more than anything else.

Plus, when you remain resentful about things that happened to you in the past, all you really do is propagate those things and cause them to continue to hurt you.

Therefore, it’s in your best interest to identify and let go of resentment, so that you can move on to have a happier, more forgiving existence where you can actually find emotional peace and harmony with yourself.

This is easier said than done, though. 

Let’s talk about how to do it.  

1. Identify The Resentment

Why exactly are you resentful? 

Who is the target of your resentment? 

Try your best to describe the circumstances that caused you to feel resentful in the first place. 

Go back through the memories, shine a spotlight on them, and articulate them to yourself.

This can help you to process them and get better acquainted with what actually happened. 

You may find that allowing yourself to process these memories can really help some of those negative emotions to subside within you.

And this can open the door to getting rid of the resentment.  

2. Forgive 

Forgiving people and moving on from those bad experiences is a crucial part of overcoming that resentment. 

Yes, people probably treated you badly. 

No, they shouldn’t have done that. 

However, it can also be true that you should forgive them—even if they don’t deserve it.


Because your health and wellness depend on it. 

If you don’t find a way to overcome your resentment, you’re much more likely to continue to exist in this negative emotional state.

And that isn’t good for anybody. 

You deserve a chance at real happiness

And the best way to find that is to forgive, forget, and move on. 

3. Focus On Your Own Well-Being

Oftentimes, when resentment is at play, we’re just spending far too much time focusing on other people—especially people who’ve had a bad impact on our lives.

So really, the key here is to stop putting so much emotional energy into those people, and to start putting more of it back into yourself in a positive way.

This is truly the ‘final key’ to overcoming resentment and helping you to move beyond those hurt feelings from the past.


Hey, nobody ever said it was easy. 

But we don’t want to do it because it’s easy—we want to do it so that we can move on to live happier, healthier, more fulfilled lives in the future. 

Having a happy life is worth it. 

So work on letting go of those negative feelings, and give yourself the chance to find life after resentment. 


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