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How To Overcome Failure In Life


Failure is a tricky thing. 

As humans, we all tend to experience it to at least some degree.

It’s really challenging too, because it can threaten to knock us down, demoralize us, and discourage us. 

However, failure can also teach us valuable lessons about our own journey that can help to highlight problem areas and show us where we could be doing better. 

It also has an impact on your health and wellness. 

For example, a life characterized more by failure may be more likely to beat you up and cause you to doubt yourself in the long term. 

However, if you can overcome that failure, and keep your mind in a positive place, then you can actually give yourself a lot of fuel for success by overcoming it, learning lessons from it, and by proving to yourself that you’re capable of rising above it. 

Really, this is a ‘mind-over-matter’ game. 

It’s also a confidence game. 

And in this post, you’re going to learn 3 tips for how to start overcoming failure in your life today, so that you can maximize your health and wellness outcomes without burning out or letting failure defeat you.

1. Take A Step Back And Think About Where You Are

One thing that failure does is it causes us to doubt ourselves. 

It can also cause us to doubt the steps we’ve taken up to this point. 

When you face failure, you may think to yourself:

“Am I going to fail at everything I try in life? Is this my new destiny? Am I incapable of success? Have I made a gross miscalculation at some point?”

What’s important to understand is that these doubts are very common. 

When we face failure, however, they’re really just a psychological response to failure, not an indication of the truth. 

So whenever you experience failure, you’re going to want to stop and take a minute to just examine the facts about your circumstances. 

The truth is probably that you’re not altogether a failure in every way and capacity. 

The truth is that you’ve probably done a pretty good job of succeeding in your life, and have just happened to face a very specific setback that is threatening to undermine your faith in yourself. 

And when you learn that you can rise above these incidences, to learn from your mistakes and succeed later on, this can really help to give you a psychological boost to push those doubts aside and move forward toward the objective that’s important. 

2. Think Of Failures As Life Lessons

When you stop thinking about failure as a failure on your part to achieve something, and instead think about it as the potential to learn even more about what you care about and want to achieve—this really changes the game. 

There’s no denying the fact that failure can be demoralizing. 

It can also be a real pain in the butt to deal with. 

However, another thing about failure that a lot of people don’t give it credit for is that it teaches us real-life, valuable lessons that we’re going to need to learn if we want to succeed at the things we care about. 

So it’s always in our best interest to accept it with a bit of grace and humility, and to learn to say:

“You know what, this wasn’t fun. However, I did learn some important stuff while going through this, and I can now use that stuff to succeed even better next time around.”

3. We Can (And Should) Always Try Again

At the end of the day, failure isn’t usually forever (unless we choose to make it so).

When we face failures in life, they’re usually temporary—as long as we’re willing to try again. 

You may need to try something several times before you achieve success. 

For example, Thomas Edison was once famously quoted as saying he didn’t fail 10,000 times to create the light bulb—he just found 10,000 ideas that didn’t work!

This is a very positive and optimistic mindset that we should carry with us through life as we navigate failure, and then pick ourselves up to try again at the things we care about. 

Being willing to embrace a bit of inner strength and tenacity is important not only on the psychological side, but also on the health and wellness side. 

Yes, you need to take care of yourself, engage in self-care, and do all of the stuff required to keep your health on track and on point. 

But also, if something matters enough to you to sacrifice for it, it’s in your best interest to be willing to put a bit of skin in the game and to give of yourself the chance to earn the success that you desire. 

This is kind of a ‘delicate tightrope’ to balance sometimes. 

But if we can get really good at balancing it, we can start achieving a lot more success for ourselves. 

And we can also maintain our health and wellness at the same time.


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