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How To Look Forward To Each Day


When it comes to optimizing our health and wellness, it can be very interesting (and useful) to examine how we feel about every day as soon as we wake up.

For example, do you wake up feeling excited about the day, and anticipating, with great pleasure, the activities lined out in front of you?

Or, do you wake up feeling frustrated and stressed out about the stuff you need to do?

This simple self-awareness exercise can really paint an accurate picture of where you’re at in terms of looking forward to your time each day

And here’s the thing.

With life being as short as it is, and with our time being constantly threatened to be gobbled up by things that we don’t care about, an important question comes to light. 

How important is it to look forward to each day? 

Well, you can answer this question however you want. 

But there’s a really good argument to be made for the fact that it’s really important to be able to look forward to your days instead of dreading them. 

If the majority of your day consists of things that you dread, that stress you out, or that frustrate you—then another question comes to light. 

Why not change your life so that you can look forward to your days instead of dreading them? 

Well, that’s a good question.

And the answer that many people might give is probably something like this. 

“I would love to change my life so that I can look forward to my days every day. But here’s the thing—that takes a lot of work, and I’m not quite sure how to start.” 

Well, fair enough. So in this post, you’re going to learn three tips for how you can start looking forward more to each day, and stop dreading your days and feeling stressed out by them.

1. Identify The Biggest Stressors 

There are obviously a few different ways to approach this. 

But we’ve found that identifying the biggest stressor often tends to yield the biggest results. 

And unfortunately for many people, this is probably going to focus or center around their job. 

Many people report not looking forward to their job every day. 

Thankfully, however, this can often be fixed. 

Sprucing up your resume and applying to different positions might seem like a lot of work at first. 

But when you take into account that it may actually improve your life for the better in a big way—well, that’s some pretty serious motivation.

2. Take Small Meaningful Steps

Making big, sweeping changes to your life can sometimes be difficult. 

They can also take time. 

So in the meantime, you can focus on smaller parts of your day that you might be able to improve. 

For example, we talked to one person who realized that they dreaded how stressed out they felt when they woke up because they had to rush to get ready for the day. 

So they fixed this by going to bed a half-hour earlier each night. 

This gave them a half-hour of extra time in the morning to just kind of relax and wake up—and this made a huge difference in their day.

3. Refuse To Accept An Imperfect Daily Structure

Obviously, every day is going to hold some level of frustration.

But the key is to continue to make small changes that will help you to move your life into a better place. 

To a certain point, you won’t be able to fix your entire life overnight. 

But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t continue the process each and every day of trying to nudge your life into a more ideal direction. 

All too often, we just continue to tolerate frustrating things for years. 

Well, today may be the day to start making changes that will eventually lead you beyond those types of frustrations. 

It really does matter. 

But the key is to just make those small adjustments over time without overloading yourself.


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