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How To Build A Better Relationship With Your Parents


As your parents get older, you’ll probably find yourself asking:

How can I build a better relationship with them?

See, when we’re children, our parents are the ones responsible for taking the lead in the relationship. 

However, as we get older, start our lives, start our careers, and just in general begin the process of building the infrastructures of our future—this responsibility falls more and more onto our shoulders.

More and more often, we become the ones who choose where we go, when we go there, and how long we stay there. 

Thus, for children who are growing into adulthood, they’re going to find that more and more often, they actually have the greater choice in what they want their relationship with their parents to look like. 

And here’s the thing. 

Most parents really crave relationships with their grown-up children. 

Just because you’ve grown successfully to adulthood doesn’t mean that your parents don’t want to be in your life. 

Plus, strong family relationships are good for your overall health, wellness, and emotional happiness

So today we’re going to discuss three things that you can do to help cultivate a better relationship with your parents as you get older and grow into adulthood. 

1. Call Them

Calling your parents on the phone actually makes a much bigger difference than you would realize. 

Parents love to hear from their kids, even if it’s over the phone for a brief call. 

Even if you just call and say ‘hi’ for five minutes, once every couple of days—that’s a huge gesture that can make a really big difference. 

2. Make Time To Visit 

This is especially true for major holidays and important birthdays. 

Try to make time to visit your family. 

You’ll probably have a lot of fun, and they’ll definitely appreciate the opportunity to hang out with you.

This can give you some much-needed time to catch up and spend some time together. 

3. Try To Be Understanding

Sometimes, relationships with parents can get a little bit weird or awkward as you get older.

But here’s the thing. 

You can actually do a lot of good by just being understanding of the fact that your parents are probably set in their ways, and that they’re not likely to change.

Their behavior may not always be exactly what you agree with. 

However, as long as they’re not violating any boundaries or acting in a manner that is unkind or disrespectful, it might be a good idea to just try to be understanding and gentle about some of the more ‘odd’ aspects of their behavior. 

Remember, they did grow up in a different time. 

The world was a much different place when they were your age. 


Hopefully, these three tips have helped you to understand how to cultivate a better relationship with your parents. 

Just remember—it takes effort, but the effort is well worth it. 

You won’t have your parents forever. So make some time to reach out and talk to them today.


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