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Governor Newsom Proposes Water Restrictions and Vaccine Mandates


Just weeks before his scheduled recall election on September 14th, Governor Gavin Newsom of California has proposed the idea of restricting water to residents of California due to the ongoing drought in California. 

He said that it was likely that his administration would ’have more to say in October’ if the current drought conditions don’t change soon. The possibility of water restrictions weren’t the only thing on the agenda as Governor Newsom also proposed stricter vaccine mandates.

Newsom has been struggling in recent recall election polls that show the outcome of the election to be within the margin of error. In some cases, there is overwhelming support for Newsom’s recall while some other polls show a virtual dead heat. 

Larry Elder has built up massive support from California Republicans that are eager to recall Newsom from office. Many of California’s citizens are sick and tired of lockdowns, mandates, and restrictions across virtually every aspect of their lives. 

It’s possible that Newsom could be doing more harm than good for his own chances in the upcoming election by announcing the possibility of water restrictions and mandates. It wasn’t too long ago that continuous power outages were taking place across various regions of California as well. 

Voters are already starting to mail-in their ballots for the upcoming September 14th recall election. Some citizens are voting to recall Newsom due to hypocrisy on lockdowns and mask mandates while others are upset about the annual wildfires and increasing homelessness. 

California isn’t traditionally a very competitive state in statewide elections. The possibility of new water restrictions, business lockdowns, and vaccine mandates may be the final straw for voters in California that want to return to normal life as soon as possible.  


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