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Covid Boosters May Be Necessary Moving Forward


According to a CNN news report that was updated on Monday, May 24th, 2021, vaccine boosters may be needed in the future for those who have already received one of the three coronavirus vaccines. 

Two of the current vaccines require two doses (Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna) and one of them (Johnson & Johnson) only requires a single dose. 

Researchers and health officials have been recorded, however, saying that the immunity derived from these vaccines may not remain as strong in the long term. 

As a result, it’s highly possible that future boosters will be required, to protect us from the coronavirus in the future, and also to protect us from variants that could evolve and emerge. 

This type of booster isn’t uncommon in vaccines, however. 

It’s the same basic principle used by the tetanus vaccine. People are encouraged to get tetanus boosters every 10 years, to help keep their immune system ready to fight off the disease should they come into contact with it. 

It is currently unknown exactly how long the vaccines will provide immunity protection. It’s also possible that Covid 19 boosters will have to be specifically engineered to protect against new strains of the virus. 

When Will Americans Need Covid 19 Boosters?

Currently, there’s no recommended booster schedule. 

But according to a quote by US Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy, it sounds like Americans should be prepared to get a Covid booster shot within a year. 

Here’s the quote he gave to CNN news. 

“We have to see how long the protection lasts. We know it lasts at least six months, but we’ll have to see… It’s very possible, though, and people should be prepared for the fact that we may need a booster within a year.”

How Many Boosters Will Be Required?

According to the Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, the answer to this question is unknown at this present time. 

Here’s a quote by Dr. Fauci, given at a Washington Post Live event.  

“We’re preparing for the eventuality that we might need boosters, but I think we’ve got to be careful not to let the people know that inevitably, x number of months from now, everyone’s going to need a booster. That’s just not the case… We may not need it for quite a while.”

What If You Just Don’t Get Future Boosters?

According to researchers and doctors, those who skip future boosters may be putting themselves at an increased risk of being less protected from Covid 19. 

And that means that they could be making themselves more prone to infection. 

The best case scenario would be for everyone to follow the CDC guidelines, and to make sure to get their boosters as recommended, to ensure that we maintain a strong herd immunity against the virus and any potential variants that could emerge. 

Of course, only time will tell exactly how all of this will play out. We’ll just have to wait, watch, and follow the guidelines when that time comes. 


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