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Biden Celebrates More Than 200 Million Vaccinations In The U.S.


More than 200 Million vaccines have now been deployed and used on adults over the age of 16. This is a milestone that the Biden administration seems to be celebrating and they continue to make a significant effort on promoting COVID-19 vaccines and trying to get as many people as possible to consider getting one. 

There’s still a long way to go to get millions of additional Americans to get vaccinated and many of them don’t even seem willing to take the vaccine for one reason or another. Biden’s administration will face a tough challenge on convincing Republicans and Conservatives to take the vaccine. Many of them believe that the vaccine is unsafe and could generate side-effects that are worse than COVID-19 itself. 

Others are simply not interested in taking the vaccine for personal reasons or religious reasons. While Biden’s administration celebrates 200 million vaccinations within the United States, it could be quite a challenge to even get 50 million more vaccinations in a reasonable amount of time. 

At the current pace of vaccinations and recovery, Biden’s team believes the United States could be on a pathway back to normal by the conclusion of July. This is an optimistic goal and certainly not an unrealistic one based on the current trajectory of the pandemic. If things remain on the current trajectory, it’s fairly likely that the country could return to some sense of normality by the middle of 2021. 

Biden spent the day yesterday trying to find new ways to convince individuals who are against the vaccine to switch their path and change their mind. He made several remarks, clearly targeted at specific demographics to try and get them to change their mind. He reasserted that he wants everyone to get their doses of the vaccine by the conclusion of the month of May. 

If the current vaccination pace remains, Biden could reach 250 million vaccinations within the United States by the third week of May. It’s currently unclear if the current vaccination trajectory will maintain its current course but there’s reason to believe that it will fall off of its current trajectory as more and more individuals take the vaccine. The real question stems from whether or not Biden’s administration is successful and marketing and promoting the vaccine to individuals that aren’t interested in taking it.

Forcing the vaccination on unwilling individuals is probably not a good idea but finding new ways to promote it is a concept that Biden’s team has been tampering with. If they are willing to increase the number of people that are willing to take the vaccine, then they will also likely increase the overall number of vaccinations in the long run.


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