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Biden Administration Struggles With Worsening COVID-19 Numbers


Joe Biden and his administration are struggling with the COVID-19 pandemic as daily cases are continuing to rise in several regions across the country. He’s already seen his job performance approval ratings start to plunge in various categories and that will likely start to become apparent in his job ratings in regards to the pandemic.

In addition to the worsening COVID-19 numbers, the stock market is taking a significant plunge as a direct response to the poor news. Some democrats internally believe that their ‘out of control spending’ proposals are also finally having an impact on the stock market.

Biden’s administration has touted the vaccines that are currently available for emergency use, but some individuals are holding off against the vaccine. There has continued to be concerns with the effectiveness of the vaccine as five of the Texas Democrats that fled to Washington D.C. were apparently vaccinated, and all of them are now suffering from the effects of COVID-19, after testing positive.

So, what does all of this mean for the Biden administration? It means that his administration is going to face one of the biggest tests that was also presented to President Trump back in 2020. A large collection of the U.S. population didn’t believe Trump handled the pandemic effectively and now that is leaking over into Biden’s administration as well. With the midterm elections less than 16 months away, Biden needs to try and ensure that normal life returns as soon as possible or his party risks losing both chambers of congress in November of 2022.


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