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Are Cigars Or Cigarettes Worse For You?


There are a lot of ‘cigar lovers’ out there. 

In fact, smoking cigars is almost a ‘hobby’ all its own. 

There’s just something about the way they taste and smell. Plus, they give you a pretty serious ‘kick’ of nicotine! 

But there are also a lot of bad myths that go around about them.

Of course, everyone knows that tobacco products are dangerous. 

But some people even say that cigars are actually worse for you than cigarettes are. 

Is this true? Or is all tobacco the same? 

Let’s dive in and discuss it.

The Difference Between Cigars And Cigarettes

The main difference between a cigar and a cigarette is this:

A cigar is defined as a roll of tobacco wrapped in either a tobacco leaf, or in some kind of substance that contains tobacco. 

A cigarette, on the other hand, is defined as a roll of tobacco that’s wrapped in paper, or in some other kind of substance that doesn’t contain tobacco. 

According to the CDC, cigars are the second most commonly used tobacco product among middle and high school students in the U.S. 

It’s also true that cigar smoking is associated with an increased risk for cancer. 

But here’s the big question:

Is smoking a cigar worse for you than smoking a cigarette?

Cigars Vs. Cigarettes—Which Is Worse?

Here’s what has to say about the issue. 

According to an article they published on the subject, cigars are actually more likely to cause oral cancer, while cigarettes are more likely to cause lung cancer. 

See, both products contain tobacco. The big difference is that since a cigar is wrapped in a tobacco leaf and tends to be unfiltered, there are a lot more toxins to be inhaled through a cigar. 

Plus, one cigar can deliver as much nicotine as an entire pack of unfiltered cigarettes. 

There’s another difference in that they tend to be inhaled differently. 

Cigar smoke is typically only inhaled into the mouth, whereas cigarettes are typically inhaled deeply into the lungs. 

This also plays a role in the risk factors, and in how those risk factors manifest themselves for people partaking of the habit. 

To put it all simply—both options pose some pretty serious health and wellness risks.

And while nicotine is a pleasurable chemical to consume, it’s also true that tobacco is a pretty seriously risky product to burn and inhale.  

And cigars pack in a bunch of tobacco. They also pack in more than their fair share of nicotine.

But if you want to give yourself your best shot at a healthy, happy, sustainable life, it’s in your best interest to opt-out of smoking tobacco products, and to inhale only clean, clear air into your lungs. 

At first, that may not seem quite as ‘fun,’ and sure—nicotine can absolutely give you a pleasurable ‘kick’ of energy—but are those things really worth putting yourself at risk for cancer?

The answer to that, for most people, is probably a ‘no.’


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