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7 Everyday Health Facts That Are Important To Know


Staying healthy is vitally important—and health and wellness are things that all of us must stay knowledgeable about. 

We don’t often think about it, but the truth is that we don’t know what we don’t know.

And so, today, you’re going to learn 7 basic health facts that you need to know in order to make the most of your opportunity to stay healthy, vibrant, young, and well in our modern world.

Let’s jump in and talk about some important health facts that a lot of people tend to overlook. 

1. Laughing Is Good For You 

A lot of people don’t realize this, but laughing is actually really good for you.

It can increase blood flow by up to 20%, and is also really good for your heart.

2. Exercise Gives You More Energy

This is another health fact that’s often lost in translation. 

When you get tired, you may be tempted to sit, rest, or take a nap. 

But contrary to popular belief, exercise can actually give you more energy than you might imagine. 

Have you been feeling tired lately? Consider getting up to take a run, doing some push ups, or even springing into a few jumping jacks. 

All of these things can increase your energy levels. 

3. A Lack Of Exercise Is Dangerous 

Unfortunately, a lack of exercise can be as dangerous as smoking

We all know that smoking is bad for you.

Well, sitting at a desk, sitting on the couch while watching TV all the time, etc. These things are just as dangerous.

It’s so vitally important to get up, move around, and be active. 

4. Being Overweight Is Very Bad For You 

We live in a world where almost 40% of adults are overweight

In some ways, this is a reflection of how easy it is to obtain food with a high caloric intake in our culture. 

Truth be told, humans have made a lot of progress in the area of producing processed food that can feed a lot of people for a very small amount of money. 

But the downside to this is that it makes highly processed food that contains a lot of fat and sugar available to a lot of people on a cheap/easy basis. 

And sometimes, it’s even cheaper than healthier options. 

It’s also super convenient. 

The result?

A lot of people simply eat too much of these fatty foods, suffer from unhealthy weight-gain, and sacrifice their health in the process.

5. Learning An Instrument Or A New Language Can Boost Your Brain Power

Almost everyone can appreciate the importance of working on the body. 

But very few people place the same emphasis on working on the mind.

Exercising your brain is every bit as important as exercising your body. 

And when you learn to play a new instrument, learn a new language, or really expand your knowledge in any technical field, you’re going to end up leveling up your brain and increasing your mental health and brain power in the process.

7. Reading Is Incredibly Good For You 

Did you know that reading a book can lower your cortisol levels (cortisol is the stress hormone) by up to 68%?

It’s true. 

Reading is so incredibly beneficial for you. 

A lot of people underestimate the value in this simple, yet deeply stress-reducing habit. 

For best results, pick up a book on a topic that you might enjoy.

It can even be a story, a fantasy novel, a romance novel, etc.

What you read isn’t nearly as important as the act of reading itself

Read something that you can enjoy and get lost in. 

It’ll pay big dividends for your health and happiness in the long run. 

In Conclusion

Understanding how to be healthier is vitally important to the human experience. 

In this post, you’ve learned some crucial tips that can help you to seriously boost your own health, wellness, happiness, and fulfillment in life. 

But of course, it doesn’t stop here. 

The truth is that you never stopped learning how to be better. 

So get out there, get healthy, get well, and continue to make your life the grand adventure it has the potential to be. 

You’ve got this.


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