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6 Surprisingly Unhealthy Foods To Avoid


Unhealthy foods are everywhere. 

But you may be surprised by exactly which foods have made their way onto this list. 

In truth, eating healthy is a challenge. 

But it’s certainly easier to do when you actually know what you should and shouldn’t eat. 

And in this post, you’re going to learn about 6 foods that are actually surprisingly unhealthy, that should probably be avoided. 

Let’s dive in and talk about it. 

1. Sugary Drinks

Foods with added sugar tend to be pretty bad for you. 

And sugary drinks (like soda) are worse than most sugary foods. 

There are a lot of people who believe that sugary drinks are one of the most fattening and unhealthy things that we consume in our modern diets. 

It’s certainly not good for you to consume all of that extra sugar. 

2. Pizza

Many storebought pizza brands are loaded with refined dough, processed meat, and high calorie loads. 

This makes pizza surprisingly unhealthy. 

But making your own pizza, from whole food ingredients, can help to offset this risk. 

In fact, homemade pizza can actually be quite healthy! 

3. Sweetened Breakfast Cereal

Who doesn’t love sweet breakfast cereal?

Well, the truth is that they’re delicious. 

But they’re also created with heavily processed grains, and filled with added sugar. 

Some of them are so sweet that they’re more like a dessert or candy than a healthy breakfast food. 

For best results, stick to cereals without quite as much added sugar. 

4. Fried Foods

Fried foods taste amazing. But they’re also quite unhealthy. 

For one, they tend to be extremely calorie dense. 

But it’s also true that several unhealthy chemical compounds tend to form within foods that have been cooked under such high heat. 

Sure, it might taste good. 

But it’s actually extremely unhealthy to eat deep fried food (or fried food of any type). 

5. Fried Potatoes

French fries and potato chips are just a few examples of how to turn whole white potatoes, which are usually very healthy, into unhealthy foods. 

French fries and potato chips tend to be high in calories, easy to eat in excessive amounts, and full of acrylamides—which are actually carcinogenic. 

If you want to eat potatoes in their healthiest form, it’s best to boil them; not fry them. 

6. Fruit Juice

Here’s the thing about fruit juices. 

Real, pure fruit juice is very healthy. 

But most of the fruit juices you buy at the supermarket have a bunch of processed added sugar and high fructose corn syrup in them, which definitely makes them less healthy. 

In fact, fruit juices might even be one of the least healthy drink options out there, because they sometimes pack in as much sugar as a soda or energy drink! 

As a healthier alternative, consider adding some real slices of fruit to your water, or juicing your own fruit to make your own pure fruit juice instead. 

In Conclusion

There you have it. 

5 surprisingly unhealthy foods that you probably didn’t know were that unhealthy for you. 

Of course, for best results, consider removing these foods from your diet, and substituting some healthier versions or options. 

It’s not always easy to eat healthy. 

But it’s definitely worth it! 


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