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5 Ways To Get More Exercise On A Daily Basis


It’s important to get enough exercise. 

A lot of people in the western world don’t get near enough of it

Partly, this is due to the way that the average western life is structured. 

More and more often, we get our work accomplished by sitting at desks staring at computer screens. 

And honestly, this can take up quite a bit of time. 

When you spend eight hours sitting at a desk to earn a living, getting more exercise can be really challenging. 

And in some ways, this can feel like it works against the natural flow of your day-to-day life. 

Plus, let’s not forget—getting more exercise doesn’t necessarily feel good, especially while you’re doing it. 

It makes you tired, makes you sore, makes you hot and sweaty, and is just in general not a lot of fun.

So in this post, you’re going to learn five ideas for getting more exercise, even if your life is set up to make it a challenge. 

Let’s dive into it. 

1. Join An Exercise Group

Joining a group can get you around other people who are trying to accomplish the same thing as you.

Plus, it has built-in accountability to help you stay motivated.  

2. Take Up An Active Hobby That You Enjoy

Sometimes, the biggest challenge associated with working out is the fact that it’s not always very fun. 

However, you can help to fix this problem by choosing activities that you’ll actually enjoy—like swimming, basketball, softball, etc. 

3. Work Fitness Habits Into Your Day-To-Day Life

Do you live pretty close to work? 

Try scheduling a jog or walk to work instead of driving. 

Is there a certain part of your work every day that you could accomplish while walking at a park instead of sitting at a desk? 

For example—could you take calls on your phone while you’re getting exercise at the lake or on a hiking trail?

4. Switch It Up

Sometimes, the best way to get consistent exercise is to do new things all the time. 

For example, you can commit to a month of weightlifting at a local gym. 

Then, the month after that, you can try taking some boxing classes. 

Then, for the following two weeks, commit to running two miles a day, etc.

Just keep switching things up. 

Even if this doesn’t help you to maximize one specific area of your fitness, it’s certainly better than not doing anything. 

5. Do Exercise That Feels Intuitive

Sometimes, instead of committing to a specific type of exercise every day, you can just commit to the process of exercise. 

Then, when the time comes to exercise, you can just think to yourself:

“What do I feel like doing right now to get my body in motion?” 

Then, do it. 

Maybe you’ll feel like doing some sit-ups and push-ups. 

Maybe you’ll feel like going for a jog. 

Maybe you’ll feel like going for a swim. 

All of these activities are great for getting more exercise. 

The key is just to find what works for you. 

Sometimes, being intuitive about the process as opposed to rigid is the best possible answer. 


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