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5 Tips For Making New Friends


Friendship is important. 

In fact, friends play a significant role in helping to keep us healthier overall. 

It’s also been shown that adults with strong social support in life have a reduced risk for many different health problems, including:

  • High blood pressure
  • Depression, and
  • An unhealthy BMI

Studies have also shown that as we get older, rich social lives are a key to living longer. 

But here’s the thing. 

Making friends isn’t always easy. 

And some people really struggle with it. 

So in this post, you’re going to learn 5 tips for how to make new friends, even if doing so is usually a struggle. 

With these tips, you’ll be able to get out there and connect better than ever; which will be great for getting to the place where you can start enjoying all of the many benefits of connecting and having a positive social circle. 

Let’s jump into it. 

1. Take The Initiative

When it comes to making friends, it’s in your best interest to make the first move and reach out. 

Invite someone to do something with you. 

Invite them to go to a movie, walk at the park, or even to just go with you to the grocery store. 

It doesn’t have to be fancy. 

Just put forth the effort and invite them along. 

2. Don’t Get Too Hung Up On Similarities

Some people get super picky about friends because they believe that people need to have common interests or similarities in order to enjoy each others’ company. 

But here’s the truth. 

If the two of you can spend pleasant time together, then there’s a basis for friendship. 

So don’t get too hung up on the details. 

If they seem nice and you think that you might like to hang out with them, ask them to hang out. 

3. Listen And Ask Questions

Another mistake that a lot of people make is that they don’t listen or ask enough questions. 

People love to be listened to and heard; so make an effort to really listen when this person talks. 

This will help them to feel validated, and will make them that much more likely to start seeing you as a real friend. 

4. Make An Effort To Show Up

A lot of people don’t prioritize friendship in this day and age, and it shows. 

But you can break this trend by making a point to spend at least a certain amount of time with your friends every week. 

Don’t let the week go by without honoring your commitment to show up for your friends. 

This will make you more consistent, and will make them that much more likely to value you. 

5. Don’t Set Your Expectations Too High

Remember that people aren’t perfect; and that your friends are definitely going to have flaws. 

But it’s also important not to set your expectations too high, or to use these flaws as an excuse to not spend time together. 

Be a good friend anyway, and be willing to overlook flaws that aren’t huge deal-breakers. 

Friendship is valuable; even if it’s imperfect. 

And it’s often worth it to try to make it work. 


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