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4 Tips To Help You Ditch The ‘Soda’ And Other ‘Sugar Drinks’


None of us want to think about the fact that sugary drinks, like soda, energy drinks, and even sweet tea, are bad for us. 

Come on—these are staples of our modern world. 

Everyone drinks a ‘delicious beverage’ with their lunch or dinner, right?

It’s normal to crack open an energy drink to help fuel you for the long day ahead. 

And don’t even get us started on the deliciously sweet coffees that we all enjoy in the morning. 

But listen—even though these foods are delicious, and even though they are diet staples in the western world—that still doesn’t mean that they’re good for you. 

They contain far too much processed sugar. 

They also contain other processed ingredients that just make them relatively poor choices for long-term health and wellness. 

So if you want to achieve optimal health and wellness outcomes in life, it’ll be crucial for you to ditch some of these ‘unhealthy’ drinks, and instead, to double down on drinking stuff that’ll be better for your health. 

Some options include things like:

  • Milk
  • Water (even flavored carbonated water)
  • Unsweet tea
  • Pure fruit juices (not the types that have a bunch of added sugar and other sweeteners or colors)
  • Plain coffee

But how do you actually summon up the willpower to ditch these ‘unhealthy’ options, and instead, find the focus required to drink the healthier (albeit, ‘less fun’) choices?

Good question. 

Here are 4 tips to help you do exactly that. 

1. Remember Your Health Goals

Whenever you’re tempted to wash down your lunch with a sugary soda, think about your overarching health goals. 

Think about how good you want to look and feel 10 years from now—and about how drinking these drinks on a consistent basis really works against your overarching health and wellness outcomes. 

2. Challenge Yourself To Make Substitutions

Instead of drinking an energy drink, practice drinking regular coffee in the morning. 

Instead of drinking sweet tea, practice substituting ‘unsweet’ tea. 

Hey, it may not be as fun. 

But if you’re trying to cut back on sugar, and if you really want to be healthier—these are important substitutions to make. 

3. Find An Accountability Partner

Sometimes, finding an accountability partner can be the ‘magic bullet’ for helping you to overcome the challenges associated with beating your allure to beverages that are filled with sugar and other processed ingredients. 

If you can team up with an accountability partner who’s also on the path to keeping their beverage diet as clean as possible, you just may find that sticking to the goal and seeing it through will be a lot easier and more doable. 

4. Write It Down

If you find that you’re struggling with being able to stick with a ‘healthy beverage’ goal, try writing the goal down every morning, right after waking up. 

This may not seem like it would make that big of a difference. 

But it actually makes a huge difference. 

It helps you to stay focused on your goal, and further increases your odds of success.


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