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4 Healthier Soda/Soft Drink Alternatives – Cold Drinks For Hot Weather


Sugary soda drinks are bad for you. 

There’s just no two ways around it. 

Many of them are filled with sugar, high fructose corn syrup, colorings, and other added flavors that simply make them unhealthy drink choices

And what’s worse is that there’s a strong argument to be made for the fact that they’re probably contributing to increasing obesity problems in the United States. 

But when you stop and think about it, this actually makes a lot of sense.

Because the good (and bad) thing about soda is that it’s simply delicious

It’s easy to get. 

It’s cheap to buy. 

It just tastes really good, and really tends to hit that ‘refreshing spot’ on a hot summer day.

So here’s the big question. 

Are there actually healthier soda alternatives that may be able to satisfy your soda cravings, that don’t pack in a bunch of sugar and unhealthy flavorings? 

The answer to this question is definitely yes

And in this post, you’re going to learn about four healthy soda alternatives that’ll help you beat that summer heat, while still taking your taste buds for a ride. 

1. Sparkling Water 

If regular water is just too dull for your taste, sparkling water may be the way to go. 

It still has bubbles, it’s still fizzy, and it still has that extra little pizzazz in every sip. 

But it’s also sugar free, flavoring free, and calorie free. 

Chill the bottle or pour over ice to make it even cooler for those hot, humid summer days.

2. Natural Lemon Lime Soda

Taking sparkling water to the next level doesn’t have to be difficult. 

In fact, you can even create your own natural lemon lime soda by cutting up some lemons and limes, and squeezing them directly into your bottle or cup of sparkling water. 

It’ll still give you that citrusy twist, without all the added calories and sugar. 

3. Take It A Step Further With ‘Jultzer’

‘Jultzer’ is basically a mixture of seltzer water and natural fruit juice. 

The recipe is simple:

Pour yourself a glass of seltzer over ice (if you like it cold), and then add your favorite juice to the mix to make a seltzer juice cocktail that tastes amazing

There’s just one caveat…

A lot of the normal juice you buy at the supermarket is still loaded with sugar flavorings and colorings, so you’ll want to buy the 100% pure juice options. 

These are more expensive. But since you’ll be mixing them, you won’t use nearly as much. 

So they’ll last you quite a while anyway.

4. Unsweet Iced Tea

For some, iced tea is an acquired taste. 

And for others, unsweetened iced tea can be a difficult taste to acquire, especially if you’re used to tea that contains a lot of sugar. 

But here’s the thing. 

Tea is actually really good for you, and unsweet iced tea is no exception. 

Plus, you might be surprised at how delicious you can make it by experimenting with different types of tea, different brew times, and different brands to get the best brew possible.

In Conclusion 

There you have it!

4 natural soda alternatives that’ll deliver the zesty hydration you desire, without the added calories, sugar, and flavorings.

All that’s left now is to become your own mixologist and try out a few different options to see which ones work best for you. 

Happy tasting!


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