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3 Strategies To Help Prevent Concussions


A concussion occurs when the brain gets rattled around inside the skull. 

Here’s the thing about our brain. 

We need it in order to live and function. 

But unfortunately, if you experience some kind of traumatic head injury, you can put this delicate organ at serious risk. 

The brain is made of soft tissue. 

And if you hit your head hard enough, this tissue can slam against the inside of your skull—thus doing damage, causing inflammation, and leading to a potential host of more serious issues. 

To learn more about how to identify the signs and symptoms of a concussion, check out this post

But in this article, we’re going to focus on the nitty-gritty details of actually avoiding such an incident to begin with.

Let’s talk about 3 strategies you can deploy today to help you avoid getting a concussion—and thus, stay safer while being active and participating in everyday activities. 

1. Keep Your Brain Safe While Driving

Automobile accidents unfortunately open up a whole host of concussion dangers to the people operating the vehicle. 

Getting into an automobile accident can cause you to hit your head on the dash or the steering wheel. 

This can throw your brain around and cause some serious damage. 

Therefore, avoiding automobile accidents can sometimes be the best way to help prevent a concussion. 

Make sure to buckle your seatbelt, pay attention to the road, and avoid taking needless driving risks. 

These things will really make a difference—and you’ll feel more motivated to do them when you remind yourself that you’re reducing your concussion risk at the same time. 

2. Be Careful Of Slips And Falls 

Slipping and falling, either at home or while you’re out and about, can be a pretty seriously risky affair. 

And unfortunately, it can also put you at a much greater risk of hitting your head.

Sometimes we fall because we don’t make proper use of safety infrastructures (like handrails).  

But sometimes we trip and fall because there’s debris in the way that gets underfoot, or because we’re just not paying attention to our surroundings. 

In any case, it’s really important that you take every precaution to try to stay safe while walking. 

Make sure that you don’t walk into unlit areas, that you clear debris from walking paths, and that you utilize hand railings and other infrastructures that are built in to help keep you safe.

Don’t be a cowboy!

It only takes one slip and fall to land you in the hospital with a serious concussion. 

3. Always Wear A Helmet 

Whether you’re riding a bike, a motorcycle, or a race car—always wear a helmet if you’re engaging in some kind of activity where you’re more likely to fall down and hit your head. 

This is true of bike riding, skateboarding, horseback riding, etc. 

A lot of people neglect helmet wearing because they either don’t want to go to the trouble, or because they think it’s dorky. 

But listen, there’s nothing worse than hitting your head and ending up with a concussion. 

Your safety is worth going the extra mile. 

So make sure that you take these tips into account, and that you don’t leave anything to chance. 

We can’t completely mitigate risk in life. But we can do our best to try to stay safe anyway.


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